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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spiritual Healing

Is it truly possible to heal ourselves? Is it truly within our reach to heal our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disharmonies? Authentic healing can be achieved when we rely and trust in the only true source that can heal us: the creative spirit within.
Many of us seek to find healing outside of ourselves. If we are feeling ill, we turn to allopathic methods in order to heal. Although traditional medicine generally provides immediate medical attention and relief to acute, life-threatening traumas such as heart attacks and victims of car accidents, oftentimes, modern medicine can only “treat” symptoms of illnesses with medication. While many patients tend to experience some relief of symptoms after commencing a regimen of medication, the end result is not established in “curing” the illness…the root causes/s of the illness are not addressed.
Still others, make the decision to address discord by commencing regimens that address thestrengthening and fitness of the body. Modalities such as yoga, Tai-chi and Pilates indeed provide a healthy dose of mind/body/spiritual balance but the emphasis is still not being placed on isolating the root cause/s that may be causing discord or disharmony in our lives, our bodies and emotions
The key to ultimate healing lays within our ability to authentically explore our emotions and to release and reconcile with the ill feelings that do not serve us. For, if we fail to release negative emotions, in time, we will once again, experience the feelings of disharmony and discord.
Modalities such as Acupuncture rely on energy—Life Force, to “break” and or dislodge the meridians and chakras from emotional blockage. A close analogy would be in attempting to dislodge a clogged sink. Removal of clog can be successful but in order to maintain it “unclogged” we must assure ourselves not to allow particles “THAT DO NOT BELONG IN THE SINK to make their way through the drainage. IF we neglect to be diligent and allow food to make its way to the drainage, in time, we will again have a clogged sink. So, too, is it with our emotions and blockages. We must be diligent not to allow the buildup of negative emotions to block our spiritual essence.

True authentic healing can only come from within. A connection to our spiritual essence provides us with the knowingness that only love and forgiveness can assure us to remain in a healthy state of mind, body and spiritual being. The practice of meditation can assist us in releasing negative emotions and discover the radiance of peace.

Becoming Whole encompasses the harmonious balance of our mind, body and spirit. This is the trinity that completes the whole of who we truly are.

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