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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winner Persists

People remember winners. Nobody remembers losers.
Recognizing the qualities of a winner
What is a winner? Who is the winner in your life? Are you a winner? In my opinion, a winner is a person who knows what he wants in life. A winner has a clear goal in his mind, he works towards his goals without getting distracted in the journey of his life. There might be two kinds of winners. The first one is self-proclaimed winners. These are the people who viewed themselves as successful in their lives. The other type of winners are real winners to me. These winners are winners in the eyes of onlookers, the surrounding friends and people who associated with them. Regardless of which types of winners they are, winners possess these qualities:
1. Decisive
The most essential qualities in a winner is their abilities to think. The ability to make decision is important in one’s life. A good leader is one who can make fast decision, and not wishy-washy. Being able to think, a winner is one who has a clear view of what he wants in his life — his career, his social life, etc.
2. Determination
Having known clearly to himself what he wants in his life, a winner know what his goals are. A winner never say die. A winner fill up his mind with positive thoughts and strengthen his mind everyday to overcome all obstacles in his life as it comes. The winner knows that to reach his destination successfully, he needs to endure. The winner is determined to achieve what he wants in life. In knowing what he wants, he is detemined to persist and never give up himself to any difficulties. They will keep trying until they are successful.
3. Hardworking
This is a continuation of the above. Having determination is not enough for a winner to succeed. A winner is able to win if he persists. To persist means that when he fails, he never stop trying again. When he falls down, he stand up again. He learns from his mistake. He continue to walk his journey. A winner who persists has got to be hardworking!
4. Positive Attitude
For the above three qualities to work well, a person has to got a positive attitude. Being able to think positively is important in lives, especially to a winner. A winner who think he can, will ultimately have confidence in his ability to achieve his tasks and goals in his life. This is because whatever the mind is capable of thinking, one is capable of achieving.
Thus, positive attitude is essential to a winner. Having the right positive attitude would make a person feeling more confident, have a higher self-esteem and feel better in his life. A winner who feels confident in his life and have a better self-esteem is happy in his life. He would then have the ability to make more friends and people around him can feel his ‘energy’.
Having the right positive attitude, a winner knows how the universal laws of life works. A winner is hunger for knowledge — he knows that knowledge is power. A winner reads widely and constantly improves himself.
5. Empathy
Having the above qualities, a winner knows that he is not alone. For him to be successful, he has to have friends and he has to mix around. No man is an island. A winner is righteous and do things in a honest way. A real winner is one who do not retort to unethical means. A real winner is one who has empathy. He always put himself in the shoes of others.
6. Care And Share
Having said the above, a winner has the quality of empathy, he is constantly caring and sharing what he knows with people around him. He care for his friends and family. He cares the people around him, and he take responsibility in all things that he does.
7. Leadership
A winner is one who can lead a group of people. The winner knows what to do. The winner wants the people to follow him, because not all the people know the way. By showing a good example, a winner gain the respect of people. The people around him admire him and would naturally want to follow him.
8. Grateful
A winner is never too proud. A winner is always grateful to the people around him and to God, for helping him. There could be no success without the help of people around him and God’s faith. A winner count his blessings everyday and he gives thanks.
A person who possess these qualities above could be a winner. But a winner must have the above qualities to be a winner. A winner knows that he is a winner when everyone rejoices and welcome him.

Winners always have a plan. Losers always have an excuse.

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