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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers Motivation

Courtyard With Flowers By Gabriela

Flowers are important ornamentals. Beauty and flowers cannot be separated.
Flowers add more colours and beauty to our life. They make our place a nicer place to live. Looking at flowers can motivate our mind. Flowers bring motivation to your life.
Flowers are just so important in our life. Everyday, we walk along the paths, walk along the parks and roads, we see flowers everywhere around us. Even in TV, in paintings, in books, in photography, we can see flowers. This got to show how important flowers are in our life.
In nature, flowers are important to plants as they ensure survival of the plants in this world. Without flowers to produce fruits, which contains the seeds to produce more offspring, reproduction for the plant is not possible. Without flowers, the humans, animals and insects will not be enable to enjoy their fruits. Without flowers, the bees and butterflies will have no work to do. Bees and butterflies need the existence of flowers to obtain their food. Without them, they would die. When bees and butterflies die, a lot of animals will indirectly be affected, causing the biological ecosystem to be greatly disrupted.

Flowers add sparks and wonders to life. Organizing flower shows helps to draw people of the same interest together, making more friends, learning more things from one another. In this stressful world, flower shows definitely relaxes your mind. 
Flowers are important ornamentals. Beauty and flowers cannot be separated.
In our life, flowers have important roles to play too. A lot of people love flowers. The love for flowers have created hobbies for these people, from gardening to flower arrangement specialist. The love of flowers has created a demand for flowers, and this has give rise to more florists in the markets. The love of flowers and plants, have prompted people to build their own gardens, governments to build more parks and upgrade the current parks too. These, in turn has created a lot of jobs opening such as curator, park ranger, and so on.
Flowers come in a varieties of colours. Some are very conspicuous, with bright and big petals, some are very minute, with white or pale colour and you have to be very careful (such as the grass flowers ) in order to see them. No matter what their size are, they always have their unique purposes to serve.
For the sick people, whether they are lying at home or lying in the hospital, bringing flowers to them bring them smile. For the sick, looking at the flowers brings them hope and life. The fragrance from flowers also brings on inspiration for the patient. (Some people are allergic to flowers. They cannot stand the flowers pollen, especially Lilies. So before you sent flowers to sick people, find out whether they are allergic to flowers a not. If so, bringing flowers to them will cause more problems than doing good to them. )

Picking Wild Flowers By Francis Jones
Walking in among plants and flowers soothes the mind. Experience peace and tranquility as you stroll in the garden. Recharge your energy in the garden.
For people with poor mental health, such as people who are depressed, people who feel stress in life, people who find that life is boring, no purposes and so on, cultivating an interest in flowers can be helpful. If you have an open space outside your home, you can start using that piece of land to create your own garden. Gardening is a great hobby. It will cultivate your patience when you take your time to look after the plants carefully. Gardening needs your patience when you need to prune the plants, clean the leaves, pull out weeds which are detrimental to the plants. When you see your garden blossoms, when you see the growth and progress of your garden, it brings on a smiling face on you, and a smile in your heart. You feel a sense of great accomplishments. You would feel even more fulfilling when people like your garden and complimented your garden. Everyday spending some time in the garden, doing what you like, is a healthy way of living. Your mind is occupied with purpose. Gardening keeps you busy with good thoughts and healthy thoughts. Sharing gardening tips and ideas with people around you, meeting up with garden lovers, these will ultimately make your life more purposeful and meaningful. You will feel happier eventually.

Vase With Flowers By Edward Noott
Even if you do not have a land for your own garden, or a place for a garden at home, cut flowers put in vases, are great ideas to decorate your home.  Flower arrangements like this is a good hobby.  Looking at flowers and beautifying your home is a great motivator for your life.

In Singapore where land is scarce, and many people are living in flats, apartments and condominiums, to own a piece of land for gardening is almost impossible. Very often these people have to resort to container gardening, box gardening or balconies gardening. Being indoor, there is restrictions on what kind of plants or flowers you can have. Luckily it is not impossible.
You have to wait until the appropriate time for a plant to have flowers (when it is mature enough). When they flower, the flowers are very short-lived. It takes time for the flowers to open up from a flower bud. When it has opened, it hardly last. Some flowers such as the morning glory, never last for even a day! Such flowers though are short-lived, have had their own contributions. To see the blooms in your garden, is a real satisfaction, a pleasure that you can never buy with how much money you have. It’s through your very own effort.
We are just like plants. When we are a baby, we are the seed. When we are small, we are fragile. Just like the plants who face hardships, obstacle, and difficulties at times when there is strong wind, thunderstorm or rain, drought, we too undergo these circumstances. Through these circumstances, the plants develop strong stems and ultimately a stronger trunk and a more well-establish roots in the long run. Similarly, our life will be made stronger if we are constantly faced with hardships. When you reach adulthood, just like the plant which has reach maturity and when the conditions are right (when you have met your love partner), reproduction takes place. Flowers (pregnancy) takes place to ensure survival of the same species on earth. It is a natural process. Flowers give rise to fruits (baby). After giving birth to baby, the flowers die. The plants don’t die. Our big ‘tummy’ will be gone in a matter of time.
Gathering Flowers By Henry King

Collecting flowers in your garden, making dry flowers, pressed flowers, making arts with flowers are great hobbies.  Instead of pondering over worries and anxieties of life, spend time doing more positive and useful things, your overall health will greatly be increased.

Like flowers, we need to be taken care of. After flowering, the plants need pruning. The plants need pruning to feel younger, and to ensure more flowering in future. Similarly, after pregnancy, the mother needs to be well taken care of. A woman is the most feminine when she reaches motherhood. Sending flowers to your women in your life, conveying the message of appreciating her for everything she does for you, not only brightens her day, but it will also strengthens your bond with her. Bring on a smile to your women in your life. Send her flowers, send an online card, or simply surprise her with a note to let her know how much you value her and how much she means to you in your life. Treasure every moment you have. Beauty is never lasting, but the bonds you created is lasting. The stronger the bonds the harder it is to be broken off.

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