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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do Not Despair

Do not despair
for our God is here
to carry you through
the storms you’re facing.
Trust in Him for He is good
and His love for you
is everlasting.
Should you get lonely
draw closer to Jesus.
Fellowship with Him
and spend time in prayer.
When you are weary and heavy laden,
cast all those cares upon the Lord
for He alone can lift the weight
of all those troubles
that are bearing you down.
You will find He’ll show you the way -
He’ll carry through
and brighten your day.
Through Jesus you can find rest
and peace for your soul
and He will ensure
that you’re on the right road.
Jesus alone knows your heart’s cry
and He wants to comfort you,
and stand by your side.
Let Him into your heart today,
He’ll take up your burdens
and show you the way.
Make Him the cornerstone of your life
then you’ll receive
everlasting life.
He will gather your children together
and protect them like a hen
that has gathered her chicks
under her wings.
Under the shadow of His wings
you will find a shelter
from life’s storms.

The Road to Success is Not Straight

The road to success is not straight
- there is a curve called failure…
- A loop called confusion…
- Speed bumps called friends…
- Red lights called enemies…
- Caution lights called family…
- You will have flats called jobs but…
- If you have a spare called determination…
- An engine called perseverance…
- Insurance called faith…
- A driver called Jesus…
- You will make it to a place called success!

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