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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thank You For Birthday Wishes

Hi to All.

Thank You All of You.

I am Divyesh Patel from India. Born on 23rd May 1987 at 2.40 AM.

I always thanks to god and my parents for giving me such a beautiful life.

Life is so Beautiful. Just look at it from different angle, you will find it.

Destiny is no matter of chance , It's matter of choice.
Its up-to us what we choose.

i thank you all. thanks for directly or indirectly coming in my life via this blog.

god may give you all good things whatever u want in your life.

Here is just beautiful Rose for you.

Again i m so happy because you made me feel happy by visiting this blog.

i wish god may give u love, happiness, success & peace in your life.

God is Great. God is in me, God is in You.

Thanks to you All. Thanks to God.

Finally Thanks to my Parents. I love  my parents.

Divyesh Patel (Dev)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Top 10 Christmas Toys For 2012

Christmas is approaching soon and it's time again to fill your shopper bags with loads of Christmas goodies. It is an ideal time to render the young ones remarkable presents and bring that expression of thrill and exhilaration on their faces, when they tear open their gifts' wrapping on Christmas morning. With the drastic advancement of technology, companies are continuously coming up with fresh and new ideas for toys. Every year, an entirely new set of toys are launched in the market with hopes of targeting young ones during holiday seasons, especially Christmas. Read through the following lines to find some hot ideas for Christmas 2012. Check out these top 10 Christmas toys and take your pick for your kids.

2012 Hot Christmas Toys

2nd Generation iPad

If you had disagreed to buy your kids an iPad last year, we'd have given our consent. But, not this year though. With features like camera, video camera, and built-in microphone missing last season, this year's collection has them all installed. Besides, the improved operating system will emphasize on increasing the communication potential of these features. Apart from great exciting communication and media possibilities, the 2nd generation iPad is likely to be priced lower than the previous versions. It sure makes a must-have toy for all kids, at least this Christmas!

Money Soap
Ever wondered that a toiletry item like money soap existed? Strikes you hard in your head, right? The money soap is definitely one of the most clever and fascinating gifts for 2011. Not only will this encourage your kids to wash their hands and bathe frequently, but it will serve as an amazing gift for Christmas. Besides, you can order them at denominations of different money amounts. Scented with pleasant aromas of pear and green apple, money soap is sure to create a lot of buzz in the market amongst both kids and adults, alike.

Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo had always been in the toy town, ever since it was launched for the first time in the market. While it was amongst the top ten toys every year, it is back again in an improved and larger version, giving the kids the right kind of fun and entertainment, especially for video games addicts. This version provides a screen area of 4.2 inches, larger than the previous versions. As a result, this is one toy that most kids would be looking forward as a Christmas present this year.

Zhu Zhu Pets
With their popularity beginning in 2009, these toys have become one of the most sought-after gifts that parents look for to gift their kids on special occasions, be it their birthday or Christmas. Just in case you are unable to find an ideal Christmas gift for your kids and they still do not possess Zhu Zhu pets, then these wonderful creatures should be on the top of your list this year. Soft and fluffy, these creatures are superb to be gifted and admired at.

Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter
At just 7.5 inches long, this helicopter is the world's newest, smallest, and lightest remote control helicopter. With a size that easily fits on the palm of your hand, the Syma S107 is a mini metal remote-controlled helicopter that is sure to be sold like hot cakes in the market, especially during the holiday season. Equipped with latest Gyroscope technology, this toy can be easily handled using the full-function trim control for that perfect flight, right in front of your eyes.

Spy Net Video Watch
For any girl or boy who wished to turn into a detective, the Spy Net Video Watch is the perfect gift choice. This device is equipped with a lie detector and is capable of clacking real pictures, thereby making this device even more authentic. To download the pictures, all one needs to do is connect via USB to the computer. Being sold at an affordable price, you wouldn't want to let it go off your hands and see your kids asking for a better present?

LEGO Technic Snow Groomer
Kids who love playing with these sets and putting them together will be highly delighted to receive the 390 piece LEGO set. This is probably one of the best answers to your question of finding a great gift for Christmas for your kids. When it comes to the end of the calendar with Christmas, the LEGO Technic Snow Groomer finds a place in the top ten Christmas toys for 2011.

LED Color Morphing Nonstop-Top
In case you are selecting a techno-savvy toy gift for your little ones, this LED colored amazing spinning top can make any child more than happy. Let him continue guessing as he unwraps the present, only to discover an astounding spin under. This sure makes a unique and distinct gift for your child. Let him spin the top for hours and find enjoyment in all the colors being illuminated in the process.

PlayStation Move
Enters the newest component for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) - PlayStation Move! Get into the real mood of gaming as this version brings motion to your PS3 system. In addition to the features offered by PS3, PlayStation Move presents the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera which allow you to track every move made by you, thereby infusing you to be a part of it. All kids, who proudly own the PS3, should definitely be upgraded with PlayStation Move this Christmas.

Halo Reach For Xbox 360
The board games and video games have all turned boring and monotonous. But this monotony was broken by Xbox 360, launched in 2005, giving tough competition to Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii. Adding to this video game is the long-awaited Halo Reach. It does not require much load and is also played a little differently from the old Halo games. For all video game lovers, this makes a best-selling gift for kids for Christmas this year. Go grab one!

2011 Hot Christmas Toys

LEGO Board Games

LEGO has been building several gift options to delight kids for years now. This year, amongst all the toys available, the best options are Toy Story, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Apart from kids, parents as well are big fans of these games. The best part about these games is that they are easily affordable, thereby allowing all classes to pick up one. These multi-player action and video games enhance logistical skills and serve as a great pastime for family and friends.

Different types of gadgets are always a favorite pick for kids of all ages and companies do not miss a chance to produce such hotties. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs toys are just one of them that are much loved by kids. The great music that they create every time you squeeze one is simply incredible. But when it comes to combining all of them and squeezing, the song that they generate is best to none. Let your kids have a choice to select from different notes that they belt out at a time, such as When the Saints go Marching In, and Oh Suzanna.

Bigfoot - The Monster
For those of you who are planning to gift something big to your children, then this huge 14-inch high monster is a perfect pick. Available with a tot-friendly remote control, your child can enjoy with and stomp this little friend around the house. To your surprise, this fully rechargeable monster can do flips, breathe, and burp apart from walking forward and backward.

Tiny toys and playthings always take the lead in a toy market as they are considered to be one of the best toys in the world. With numerous accessories available, you can help your child to build a whole world including a gumball machine. These new squinkies can be used as pencil toppers or charms on bracelets. They are available at reasonable rates which makes them an economical choice for all.

Barbie Video Girl
Remember those days when you used to play with Barbie doll and accessorize her with all sorts of creative tits and bits? It's time that you pass on your hobby down to your younger ones. But this time, the Barbie girl comes with a twist. Check out this leggy plastic doll in a never-seen-before look. Your favorite doll is available with a real video camera installed into her back. You can record and instantly view your recorded videos.

Zhu Zhu Hamsters
Last year's hot Zhu Zhu pet hamsters sold like hot cakes, primarily due to their creativity and less expense. These surprisingly most sought-after toys are back again this year with new and improved models, redesigned to appeal kids. The latest creation talks about the battles between Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors and the Kung Zhu Special Forces.

Turbo Twister
The most popular and best-selling remote-controlled cars are amongst the top 10 toys for Christmas. Popular with both boys and girls, these toys entertain kids by performing spins, wheelies and complete 360 degree flips. However, be careful while handling them as they do not take time in nipping at your ankles. A perfect toy to keep your kids entertained and engaged!

Pillow Pets
Kids, especially the little ones, have always loved snuggly choices when it comes to gifts. The year 2010 is no exception with such toys. Apart from being just stuffed animals, they are capable of performing various other purposes. Your kid can use them either as a perfect car or a naptime pillow. Unicorn, ladybug, puppy, dolphin, penguin, monkey - choose one and add to the budding collection of your kid's plush creatures.

Furry Frenzies
If you had thought of Zhu Zhu pets to be the only toys to run around your house, add another pet from the furry frenzies to complete your kid's collection. Rapidly becoming a hot pick during this season, furry frenzies offer you to choose from different animals, such as dogs, bunnies, raccoons, rats, cats, squirrels, and hedgehogs. Those cute little squeaky noises that they create will amuse your kids. These toys are accompanied with houses, playsets, and great outfits to complete the entire set.

XBOX Kinect
If your teenage kids are bored of the regular board and video games, it's time to move ahead and gift them a XBOX Kinect. New to the world of video games and accessories, this game different from its predecessor Wii and Nintendo. It does not have any controllers; instead, the entire set is voice-activated. Let your kids indulge into the game completely, with the 3-D camera and microphones available with the system. The game responds to even the slightest movement and turning it off is as simple as speaking the command word "stop". So, in case your teen does not listen to you, you, now, know what you need to say.

Christmas Toys for Girls

Your little princess deserves something very special for Christmas. You have seen her grow from a small infant to a crawling toddler to a little girl who looks like the cutest doll in that ballerina dress. This Christmas, give her a wonderful Christmas toy that will make her realize how precious she is. It will be one of those days for you when you get to see your little daughter grin broadly and open her eyes wide in surprise. You can be one of those lucky parents who get to see true happiness gleaming in your little girl's eyes. So, check out our selection of top Christmas toys for your girl.

Top Christmas Toys For A Girl

Barbie Dolls 
Barbie dolls have always been your little princess' favorite companion. A Barbie set including her home, dress, shower, make up kit and accessories would be an ideal gift for your little daughter.

Bed Time Story Book 
A girl loves reading fantasy novels like Harry Potter in childhood and Mills & Boons in her teenage. So, you can get the collection of a series of bed time story book for your sweet little baby. 

Puzzle Games
Puzzle games are also wonderful for your little girl as she loves making houses from those broken cardboards pieces. If you want to improve her vocabulary, you can also gift her zigzag vocabulary development puzzles.

Life Size Teddy Bears 
A life sized teddy bear can be a wonderful gift for your little princess. It is said that teddy bears enhance the feeling of safety in the kids. So, what better can you think of than a cute chubby teddy bear?

Painting Set 
A complete painting set with sheets, pencils, colors and a palette is an ideal gift if your little lady loves painting and drawing and is fond of colors. She will thank you for inculcating a good hobby later in her life. 

Fairy Dress
Do not like you dressing up your little girl in fairy dress? Remember, she loves this too. Buy her a beautiful white glittery fairy dress along with a magical wand. She will be overwhelmed.

Roller Skates 
Roller Skates are also wonderful gifts that you can gift your little princess on the Christmas day. She will be more than happy on these dancing wheels. 

Tiny Make-up Box
Every girl loves makeup even if she is merely 3 years old. So, if your little girls want to dress up like her mom, get her a tiny make-up kit with some branded quality kid products. 

Musical Instrument 
Girls have a soft corner with music. So, if you gift her some musical instruments like Casio or guitar, she will thank you millions of time for this special; Christmas present.

I-Pods are also wonderful tech products for girls which helps her in creating a collection of her favorite songs. This will also be a wonderful Christmas Gift for her.

Christmas Toys For Toddlers

Most of the toys for infants, babies and toddlers are meant to help them in exploring more and more of their world. They are meant to entertain and educate them as well. As this one phase of their life when every thing looks new and interesting, their toys should be such which aid them in discovering this little world on their own. The Christmas toys that you buy for your young one this year can also help him or her to grow, learn more about alphabets, colors, numbers and shapes and encourage them to explore more and more with their senses including sounds, sights, smells and even touch and taste. Here are some toys that you can buy for your explorer on Christmas this year:

Christmas Toys For Babies
  • The most popular Christmas toys for toddlers include activity centers and toys with buttons to push. This helps the developing inquisitiveness in their mind.
  • A wonderful new Christmas toy idea for babies can be educational blocks of different shapes and colors. Blocks have hints and sounds to guide your child and give him greater mental activity.
  • You can also buy push and pull toys for your toddler, walkers and toys that have string attached to them and can be guided anywhere making noises and blinking lights that he or she will simply love.
  • Storybook pads that show animations playing the story and musical melodies and appropriate sounds to suit the story are now available. They can be activated with a push of a button and will encourage your baby to learn and read more and more.
  • Keep your baby active with innovative rattles shaped like flapping butterflies and moving dinosaurs with sounds and music to attract your child.
  • If you are blessed with snow on Christmas, a wooden sleigh for your baby will be perfect. It has child safety belts, proper backrest and tow rope too.
  • A cranky baby on Christmas can be put off to sleep using soothing lullabies that can be activated using remote control.
  • Rock and bounce pony is still a favorite with kids as is the rocking chair that plays melodies and even comes with activity centers attached to them.
Tips For Buying Toddlers Toys
  • Make sure you buy safe toys, the one which do not have any pointed ends, sharp edges and are shock free.
  • Do not buy too much complicated gift for your toddlers, if they do not understand it, they won't enjoy it.
  • Make sure the gifts you buy help your kid in understanding the nature around. Games that help in doing any kind of mental exercise like color recognition and voice recognition are very helpful in long term.

Christmas Toys For Teenagers

Teenagers are the most difficult to please, as they can neither be befooled by gifting children toys, nor be gifted with expensive adult gifts. As they are passing through a transitions stage in their life, they are themselves confused about what they want in life. They still have the childish streak alive in their personalities yet they wish to behave like matures. Besides being the most difficult time of their lives, this tender age is also most impressionable. It is also the time to get your growing kids trained in values and humanity. Your gift at this stage is not a merely a gift but also a very instrumental part of their personality development. So think whenever you plan to gift something to a teenager, always try to buy something very humane and inspiring. Apart from this, do not also forget that after all they are kids turning into adults, so they love items that are little fancy.

Top Christmas Toys For A Teenager
  • If your teenage daughter is a vivid reader, why not gift her series of Nancy Drew novels or Chicken Soup for the Soul series. It will not only make her aware of her persona but also help her satisfy the inquisitiveness of the growing age.
  • If you think that your teenage son loves Skating, enrolling him in professional Skating club would not only a Christmas gift but a gift for lifetime.
  • Subscriptions of a teen magazine for coming two years would also be a nice gift for your teenage child.
  • Almost all teens love the Roboraptor launched in the market recently. It is the robotic dinosaur that has three modes - the hunting mode in which gnashes its teeth, bites and roars, when touched; the cautious mode in which it growls and retreats as if testing you; and the playful mode in which it will nuzzle your hand, purrs happily and even do a little wiggle.
  • Board games with hidden mysteries and adventures are loved by teens who love to play smart and be the hero. The strategy level can increase with the mental capability of the tween in question.
  • Rotating globe quiz games that test the knowledge of a growing child about geography, history and other important points related to different regions of the world. These games have many levels.
  • Nightmare before Christmas was a popular animation of Disney and Nightmare before Christmas toys, gifts and figurines related to its characters and events are quite popular as Christmas gifts.
  • Harry Potter inspired book light that can be kept on the page of the book to illuminate it evenly is a hot favorite magic charm that tweens will love to get this Christmas.
  • AM/FM radios in all shapes, colors and sizes, spy pen cameras, DVD players of their own, spy vision glasses and wireless walky-talkies are loved by all teenagers.
  • A classic collection of wonderful movie DVDs is something your teenage child would interestingly look forward too.

Christmas Toys For Kids

More than anyone else Christmas is awaited by the little Kids who are more eager about their Christmas Gifts that any other thing in the celebrations. Small kids and children are impatient to open up their Christmas presents kept carefully at the bottom of the Christmas tree. You can make their day if you fulfill their dreams into a reality by giving them the Christmas toy they have requested Santa to bring. However, do not think that you can befool your kids by giving them a Barbie or a Toy Gun because they have grown smarter than you can think and they do not aspire for the kiddy things.

The current craze amongst kids is gadgets and electronic toys. Children today have become techno freak and tech-expert. They aspire for highly advanced featured e-items. Also, children show keen interest in music and items related to that. If you are planning to buy a guitar for your kid, never go for a small plastic guitar, your kid wants and recognizes the real one! As for their fancy, you can get them some detective and fantasy items too. The choice of your gifts should strictly depend upon your Kid's nature and who knows them better than you. However, we have given some suggestions for you, you can select according to your budget and your kid's choice.

Popular Christmas Toys For Small Kids
  • Best Christmas toy for artistic children will be potter's wheel, small musical instruments, and a set of drawing sheets and crayons and easy craft kits.
  • Popular Christmas toys for kids they are most attracted to include detective toys and fantasy toys. Gadgets like night vision glasses, laser torch and Spiderman masks are well accepted by the little Kids.
  • Children love to explore and play and you can help them in their early dreams of becoming a doctor, a spy or an astronaut by giving them the appropriate kit. There are sets for doctors, safe chemistry experiments and even forensics lab science kit with some very easy tips to understand crime.
  • Fake body part kits, set of beards, mustaches and hats, and body paints are loved by future soldiers and detectives.
  • Girls love to paint their jewelry and add glitter and sparkle to it and become the jewelry designer. They can wear their artwork for Christmas kid's party too.
  • Stargazers love telescopes and see your child going to the window at night to name yet another star after you.
  • Remote-controlled helicopters and cars come in all ranges and children love to check their limits on all surfaces. You may have to stop them after midnight, though.
  • Handheld quiz games will help to increase general knowledge and awareness of your kid.
  • Small children also love to be active and inflatable slider or trampoline in your backyard can just be a jackpot for them.
  • If your Kid fancies your laptop, you can also get him a toy laptop this Christmas, which is enough to fulfill his necessities and inquisitiveness.

Christmas Toys for Boys

Unlike girls who love fancy and lovable toys, boys love those action toys and funky gadgets. They have a techno-streak inside their persona right from the beginning, so as they grow up, the love for gadgets also grow along with them. It is always preferable to get them the latest game in the market. If you do so, you are certain to cherish the scene when your boy goes to his friends, proudly flaunting his much desired Christmas toy and flashing a 1000 watt smile! Boys love to play around actively and act rough at times. So the Christmas toys should be such that they should be sturdy and at the same look tough and macho. Sounds like a puzzle? Relax; it is not that difficult picking up a Christmas toy for boys. In case you are still wondering our list of top Christmas toys for boys should give you some ideas. 

Top Christmas Toys For A Boy

There is nothing more that the boys love than the feeling of being grown up and independent. Gifting a bicycle to him means a lot to him as it means you have faith that he can roam on his own now. Also, the latest bicycle with gears and modern designs make him feel like a dude. So, a bicycle is certainly a wonderful Christmas Gifts for boys. 

DVD Sets 
As you know, your little dude loves action, thrill, fantasy and suspense; you can also buy a series of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs. You will see him overwhelmed with this gift. 

FIFA 2007 Console Game 
As a parent you have always asked your kid to stay away from computer games, but make this Christmas special by gusting your computer games crazy kid with advance games like FIFA 2007 Console Game would leave him completely surprised and also, extremely happy.

Complete Game Set 
Buy a complete Game Set of any out door game like Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, etc in which your kids takes interest. It should include everything right from sports equipments to jersey of the game

If your kid is a techno-freak cum music lover, you can't think of anything better than an I-Pod. Also, do not forget to upload his favorite music in the I-Pod. This would really form an interesting gift for Christmas occasion. 

Miniature Helicopter 
Most of the little boys dream of becoming a pilot, because it takes them to a completely different world of action, thrill and adventure. Gifting them a Miniature Helicopter is like giving wings to their dreams. Present him a Miniature Helicopter to him this Christmas and observe the spark in his eyes. 

Play Station (Latest Version) 
The PlayStation 3 officially named as PLAYSTATION 3 and commonly abbreviated PS3 is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the most latest and advanced version of the Play Station and would certainly form a wonderful gift for your little prince this Christmas.

Remote Controlled Car 
If your little boy is a bit too little to understand a complicated video game or use an I-pod, gifting him a nice huge remote controlled car would be the best option, this Christmas. He would enjoy his control over his tiny gadget till he becomes big enough to ask for something more technically sophisticated.

There are several kinds of toy robots available in market and little boys fancy them a lot. If you buy them a little electronic companion to play with, they will be overjoyed. This Christmas gift him with the latest Robot available in the market. 

XBox 360 
XBox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft, and the advanced version to the Xbox. The Xbox 360 is competent with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles.

Harry Potter Novel
The novels of Harry Potter are a crazy amongst kids. They enjoy reading the fantasy novels especially if it is a magical saga of Harry Potter. If you wish, you can buy the entire series for them or you can simply opt for one novel. This Gift would be apt only if your little boy is above 10 years of age.

Christmas Toys

The world is becoming more and more specialized and trends for children toys are changing everyday. So, if you are thinking of buying any regular toy from the store shelf for your kids as a Christmas gift, think again. You might see your kid getting completely upset over your gift because it is just another thing that every body in his friend circle already has! Remember, children today aspire for new and unique products. If you can't figure out what to buy for your little prince or cute angel this Christmas, we have brought for you some popular choices from Christmas toy catalog for Christmas 2010. Here are few of them.
  • For Xmas 2010, you can buy action figure warrior sets for kids. Video games that involve battle scenarios are also loved by aggressive children of today.
  • Girls still love to play moms to infant-shaped dolls. But dolls today look more realistic and copy actions like closing and opening eyes like a real baby, snoring and yawning like infants and even babble, gurgle and giggle as if they are real. They even wake up with noise! They are sure a perfect gift for your little girl-angel.
  • Harry Potter inspired toys such as light-up wands, Harry potter glasses and wigs, wizard robes and Barbie doll sets with princess and other costumes are hot.
  • Rock star sets with little instruments, glittery garments, retro-style cruisers with convertible tops and concert stage featuring working lights and speakers will make all children squeak with delight.
  • Robot friends that can respond to simple questions and can also keep up several conversations still surprise young children, so you can buy them one on Christmas.
  • Monopoly has been customized to suit modern kids and deals and moves are made to confirm the modern world. Rents have shot up and there are mobile phone, cheeseburgers and roller blades included in the game. This is the world that children know about.
  • Virtual pets are much wanted in the world of kids and so are video games.
  • There are hundreds of options available as learning toys for children of all ages and sports gear customized for kids for active children.
  • You can also buy a toy laptop for your little wizard.

Unlike girls who love fancy and lovable toys, boys love those action toys and funky gadgets. They have a techno-streak inside their persona right from the beginning, so as they grow up, the love for gadgets also grow along with them. It is always preferable to get them the latest game in the market. If you do so, you are certain to cherish the scene when your boy goes to his friends

Christmas Toys For Kids

More than anyone else Christmas is awaited by the little Kids who are more eager about their Christmas Gifts that any other thing in the celebrations. Small kids and children are impatient to open up their Christmas presents kept carefully at the bottom of the Christmas tree. You can make their day if you fulfill their dreams into a reality by giving them the Christmas toy they have requested Santa to bring.

Christmas Toys For Teenagers

Teenagers are the most difficult to please, as they can neither be befooled by gifting children toys, nor be gifted with expensive adult gifts. As they are passing through a transitions stage in their life, they are themselves confused about what they want in life. They still have the childish streak alive in their personalities yet they wish to behave like matures.

Christmas Toys For Toddlers

Most of the toys for infants, babies and toddlers are meant to help them in exploring more and more of their world. They are meant to entertain and educate them as well. As this one phase of their life when every thing looks new and interesting, their toys should be such which aid them in discovering this little world on their own.

Christmas Toys for Girls

Your little princess deserves something very special for Christmas. You have seen her grow from a small infant to a crawling toddler to a little girl who looks like the cutest doll in that ballerina dress. This Christmas, give her a wonderful Christmas toy that will make her realize how precious she is. It will be one of those days for you when you get to see your little daughter grin broadly and open her eyes wide in surprise.

Top 10 Christmas Toys

Every year, the markets are flooded with different kinds of toys around the Christmas celebrations. So, it becomes of prime importance to keep yourself updated, so as to make sure that whatever you are buying is in line with the trend. There were times, when kids were satisfied with any toy they got, but, today, they want the latest and the most unique thing. They have become choosy about the toys because they are not simply meant to play but also meant to flaunt amongst their friends.

Nativity Fast

Nativity Fast is observed by Eastern Catholic Churches, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox in anticipation of the Nativity of Christ. The Fast extends over a period of 40 days, beginning November 15, till December 24. This fasting is one of the four fasting followed by the churches annually. The Nativity Fast is also sometimes known as Philip's Fast since it usually starts after the Feast of St. Philip. According to Eastern Orthodoxy, fasting helps one to get closer to God as it restricts the interaction of the body with worldly delights, thereby impacting the mind and soul in a positive way. There is also emphasis by the church not only to refrain oneself from food but also from greed, anger, animosity and materialism. It also encourages one to engage in almsgiving for the poor and needy during the period. However, the Fasting is not allowed for people who are sick, pregnant, too young and aged.

Nativity Fast Guidelines

Fasting Rules
The Nativity Fast is generally divided into two periods. November 15 to December 9 forms the first period where foods such as oil, wine, dairy products and meat are strictly exempted from consumption however, one is allowed to consume oil and wine on Tuesday and Thursday; fish, oil and wine on Saturday and Sunday. The second period of fasting lies between December 10th to 24th where all aforementioned foods are again barred from regular consumption, however, consumption of oil and wine is permitted on Saturday and Sunday for this period.

According to the Eastern Orthodox Church, fasting includes non-intake of fish, oil, eggs, dairy products, red meat, poultry, meat products and wine. The rules allow one to consume oil, wine and fish feast on certain feast days, namely Evangelist Matthew, Apostle Andrew, Great-martyr Barbara, St. Nicholas, St. Spiridon, St. Herman and St. Ignatius. A strict fast day called Paramony is observed on the eve of Nativity where no solid food is taken till the first star is noticed in the evening sky.

The Purpose Of Fasting
  • The purpose of fasting is to raise one's consciousness level from mundane to the spiritual. The practice of abstinence is seen as a way to end our utter reliance on materialism.
  • Fasting enables one to take a righteous path and practice virtuous deeds during the holy month and set an example for others to follow and benefit from.
  • Fasting is not meant as a way of appeasing God or divine, instead its main purpose is to contain our own shortcomings, passions and non-virtuous thoughts and deeds.
  • By fasting, one seeks to achieve control over one's own mind which is the ultimate goal of the practice.
  • Saying prayers during fasting period helps in the overall practice of delving in virtuous thoughts.
Nativity fast brings people closer to the concept of simple living and instills higher thinking in them. It is as they say, "you are what you eat" and abstaining from heavy, complicated food only brings you closer to simpler things in life.

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Place a pine tree beside a bland and plain Christmas tree. Do you find any difference? Probably not! And how would you? After all, they both are pine trees. A tree isn't a Christmas tree unless it is adorned with decorations. Embellishing the Christmas tree is one of the most significant highlights of the festive season, without which the festival seems just insipid and unexciting. Then, why not make your coniferous stand out in the crowd with the help of some vibrant and bright Christmas ornaments? Right from elegant white decorations to colorful Christmas tinsels, you have plenty of options to deck up your Christmas tree. But if you are tired of decorating your tree in the same monotonous theme, create the feeling of nostalgia with antique Christmas tree decorations and see what volume it speaks.

Indulge in some fun and excitement while strolling down the memory lane and revisiting holiday decorations from the past. Add that old world charm to your home, the Christmas tree in particular, and conjure up images of romance of the Victorian era. Remember those kids dressed up in velvet and lace, and people hosting huge Christmas balls to celebrate the holidays. Draping the Christmas tree with a vintage theme is extremely simple and affordable, even for a homemaker. Want to revive those simpler Victorian times, get ready to infuse some effects of antiqueness with decorating ideas. Pick up all the vintage items you can find in your home or purchase a few from antique shops to display the same on the tree. Check out some ideas here that will guide you for pushing a little more than what you were expecting.

Antique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
  • Remember those “disco balls” made from cardboard? Make different folds in colored cardboard and staple them at places. And you have shimmering decorations, in assorted colors, to festoon the Christmas tree.
  • If you can find rotating light displays that change from red to green to blue, you have a real gem in your treasure of vintage items. Use these lights to drape the tree and see them illuminating the tree in varied colors.
  • Christmas candles were the original Christmas tree lights. Incorporate them into your decorations and see the effect they bring out. Instead of using the regular votive holder, pick up appropriate candles that can comfortably sit on the tree. Light them only during the Christmas dinner and never leave them unattended.
  • A collection of antique knickknacks can be put up on the Christmas tree. Especially those that are close to your heart will do the job. Clocks, old toys, small bottles, or even tiny birdcages will look great. Depending upon the colors of your curios, you will have to select ribbon, garland, and accent ornament colors to complement the entire look.
  • Use beaded garland to wrap the tree. Alternatively, you can also make a garland using popcorn, with the help of your kids. Besides, cranberry garlands were also a common decoration in those times.
  • To top the tree, you can choose from a large angel or doll, or an electric star or Santa Claus. An angel made in cherub porcelain would also work wonders.
  • In the olden times, tinsel was commonly used for embellishing the Christmas tree, particularly the one made from real silver. For that real Victorian effect, use just a little of it on the tree to present a sparkling texture.
  • Let the sounds of the season be heard on the Christmas tree as well. Wrap the tree with jingle bells, all different sizes. To complete the classic Christmas tree theme, add on silver ornaments and winterberries.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas time has come and the frivolities and festivities of the festival are already on the surface. Everyone can be seen getting busy with the Christmas decorations and celebration preparations. One of the first things that every one looks forward to in the context of Christmas preparation is the Christmas tree. The beautiful Christmas trees remind us of the evergreen trees covered with snow sparkling like silver in moonlight. The origin of Christmas tree dates back to the times of Vikings from North Europe, who carried evergreen trees as an inspiration to struggle on with life, during winters and as a reminder that spring season will soon come again. 

Christmas trees were used in many Pagan festivals and later were also imbibed into Christian festivals. Christmas tree not only brings joy to the festivities but also gives the children a chance to indulge in playful activities like decorating the tree with toys and lights. In the Christmas every household tries to make their Christmas tree more special and beautiful. This Christmas you can take the opportunity to try a different Christmas tree theme to surprise your friends and relatives. Here are mentioned some unique and different Christmas tree ideas that you can use in this festival. 

Creative Ideas For Christmas Tree 

Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

In this festive season, consider the idea of using a fiber optic Christmas tree. Not only these beautiful trees put on a dynamic light display, but also bring joyful life to your holiday decorations. Fiber optic tree are available in various color schemes ranging from traditional green to snow effect white.

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

For a different Christmas tree theme in this festive season, pre-lit trees will make a wonderful choice. It is a great choice if you don't have the time or money to get a real Christmas tree year after year. Not only are these Christmas trees easy to assemble, they also never need watering. But probably the best feature of pre-lit Christmas tree is that it is built in lights, which make decoration a child's job. These trees are increasingly becoming popular in families who are looking for an easy manageable Christmas tree that will last from year to year.

Spiral Christmas Tree

For people who want to add a special touch to the Christmas celebration this year, a spiral Christmas tree is worth a try. Spiral Christmas trees are available in beautiful flowing lines and in many colors. Both the lit or un-lit versions look amazing at home especially around modern decor.

Miniature Christmas Tree

For those who live in mansions, this one is not for you. For rest putting up in a decently-sized house, getting a large sized tree every year though adds to the joy of the season but also makes storing the same a problem. However, that does not mean you compromise on the festive spirit. This Christmas, you can consider the idea of getting a miniature tabletop Christmas tree. You can keep these miniatures Christmas trees anywhere on dining room tables, side tables, dressers and many other places. Also, you can have more than one. 

Tropical Christmas Tree

Instead of going with the traditional fir, spruce or pine, how about trying a different tree? This Christmas, break free from the decades long followed traditions and rituals and get home a tropical tree. Adorn the tree with tinsels and trinkets to convert it from being any tree to a tropical Christmas tree. You can use palm trees that will surely go well with decor at your home.

Modern Christmas Tree Decorations

It's Christmas, and the time to rejoice in the Lord is here. The day of Christmas, the days preceding and proceeding it are celebrated across the world with much joyousness and enthusiasm. However, while the basics of it are still intact, Christmas has come a long way from being a traditional way of spending the season with family and friends, surrounded by love, warmth, personally cooked meals, and a nicely decorated interiors and exteriors to the modern way of doing the same albeit with a whole new way of decorating up the surroundings, including the good old Christmas tree.

Christmas tree, with all its history and traditions kept intact, has undergone a change-a change that is completely outwardly but spellbinding nonetheless, without killing off the spirit of the season. Gone are the days when bells, balls, candy canes, stars, and angels were the only way to bejewel a Christmas tree. Now, decorating a Christmas tree is only limited till where a person can stretch his/her creative skills. And if used to advantage, a makeover to the decorative sense of the Christmas tree can give a differently wholesome and elegant feel to it. Below have been mentioned a few modern ideas to decorate a Christmas tree. Go through them, then either use them or create something new.

Contemporary Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The Tree

Move over the traditional evergreen tree! Instead of indulging in the act of buying a Christmas tree or growing one, this Christmas, go off track and make a fantabulous and feathery light Christmas tree made out of feathers. All you need is white turkey feathers, hot glue gun, a long and thin craft stick, a decorative star, and decorative glitter spray of your choice. The tree won't be as big as the traditional one, but will look doubly beautiful.

Stars Vs Gingerbread

One great way of uniquely decorating the Christmas tree is by keeping the stars and the balls aside and loading it up with gingerbread cookies and gingerbread men. To create a darker contrast, dip a few of the pieces in honey, let them dry off and then load them up. Gingerbread stuff isn't all; you can even use chocolate cookies or other flavors.


How about having a tree that children would love to un-decorate? Sounds a little off course, but it's also way more fun than decorating, for kids at least. But what's there to un-decorate? Small gifts hung up on the tree as ornaments. Kids will a gala of a time unwrapping them. You don't even have to limit it all to just one tree. You can even have another tree decorated the traditional way. For fun, hang up the unwrapped gifts a few day before the Christmas Eve and ask them if they can wait till its time.

The Country Side Effect!

A Christmas tree adorned with ornaments based on the village theme will look as good good as any of the stuff out there. Ornaments like little houses & churches nestled quietly between the decorative balls and baubles will bring the tree to life. Small sized LED candles wrapped around the village will add a stunning dimension to the entire village.

Rosy Roses!

How about making the thing, which is in the foreground almost all the year the background around Christmas? We're talking about roses, and if coupled with the Christmas tree, roses can add a never-seen-before look to it. Leave all the artificial ornaments and go natural. Use roses of different colors as ornaments for your Christmas tree and watch your Christmas be surrounded with charming fragrance. However, don't ornament the tree with roses only until a day or two before Christmas as they're bound to die down.

Oceanic Delight!

Ever thought of decorating the Christmas tree with seashells and pearls? No? All the ornaments that adorn the sea can also adorn and brighten up your Christmas tree. If you haven't already got many of such items you can buy them from a nearby crafts shop or a beach if want to pick them off the shores and have some fun as well. Spray paint and glitter paint them with a combination of two or more colors and hang them atop the tree and you have a breezy ocean theme for your Christmas.

Christmas Tree Tradition

The ever famous and the evergreen Christmas trees have been adorning the beauty of many Christmas seasons since as long as one can remember. Whole generations have passed through in between who probably have never heard a Christmas without a Christmas tree being set up in the house and decorated with dazzling ornaments and lights. Till date, this needle like firry tree stands, not only as an integral part of the Christmas tradition, but has a symbol of an important historical era gone by. Today, although the Christmas trees that are used don't necessarily have to be traditional live trees that have been cut down, the tradition continues, and continues to flourish world over.

It all started in Germany a thousand years ago when Saint Boniface, while converting the German people to Christianity, came across a bunch of pagans worshipping an Oak tree. It is believed that in anger Saint Boniface uprooted the Oak tree, only to find a young fir tree emerging from beneath the roots, which he took as a sign of faith. However, it was only in the 16th century that the Christmas trees began to be brought inside the homes for decorative purposes around the Christmas season. The following lines will throw light on Christmas tree traditions that have long been in existence and are still held close to the heart.

Traditions of Christmas Tree
  • According to the old traditions, it wasn't until the arrival of Christmas Eve that Christmas trees were bought and decorated. It was in the tradition to leave them decorated for 12 days.
  • Tree worship has been a common practice in many ancient cultures and the trees are being planted since many centuries. For long they've known to bring in good fortunes and have also been linked to divinity.
  • Egyptians are believed to be the treasurers and worshippers of the evergreen. To symbolize and celebrate life's triumph over death, they used to bring in palm leaves into their homes.
  • The modern Christmas tree tradition is known to have sprung from the ancient tradition of the Germans and Scandinavians who used to place evergreen trees in front of their homes to symbolize their hope in the forthcoming season.
  • The start of the tradition to decorate trees is attributed to Martin Luther. It is believed that around the year 1500, when Martin Luther was walking across the snow covered woods, he was very impressed by the snow covered branches shining under the moonlight. To share this story with his children, he put a small fir tree and decorated it with candles in honor of Christ's birth.
  • The Christmas tree tradition is believed to have entered America via hessian troops during the American Revolution or by the German immigrants who brought them to Pennsylvania.
  • In Great Britain, the Christmas tree tradition is known to have brought in by Prince Albert, a German, who married Queen Victoria in 1840 and set up a Christmas tree at the Windsor Castle in England. Soon after which, the custom spread quickly over England, from royal court to middle class to working people.
  • Today, species like Scotch pine fir, Douglas fir, noble fir, white pine, balsam fir, and white spruce make up for most of the Christmas tree sales, with Scotch pine leading the way.

Christmas Tree Topper

It's that time of the year again when people wrap up all their work and begin preparing for the most important festival of the year - Christmas. Yup, it's holiday season again and time for lots of fun, music, gifts, decorations, and feasts. Christmas is a holy festival, celebrated by the Christian community, by and large, though people across all religions have started engaging themselves in the festivities of this blissful and pious occasion. Observed on 25th December every year, Christmas marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. One can witness the best of traditions and customs during this holiday season. Christmas carols, hymns, pound cakes, special meals, church masses, and exchange of greetings and gifts form the major customs of the occasion. And not to forget, the Christmas tree is the major element of Christmas which cannot be given even a bit miss.

Right from classic to eclectic, you have a number of options for selecting Christmas tree toppers. But, traditionally, it is an angel, a Santa, or a star that is dotted on the crown of the Christmas tree to complete the ensemble. Nevertheless, with changing times, people are open for other alternatives as well that can further enhance the beauty of their well decorated Christmas tree. Though some people wish to use heirloom toppers every year, others opt for giving the tree a unique and different feel each year. As such, markets, too, have started coming up with a plethora of tree toppers to suit the tastes and needs of every kind of customer to create a one-of-a-kind look. Options are aplenty. Just scroll through the lines below and make your best choice.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Toppers
  • For a glistening version of the erstwhile star tree toppers, use pearls to create a star topper that will be as sparkling as the entire Christmas tree. Simply take five strands of pearls and twist them around a 3-inch foam circle to create a 5-point star. Stick the pearl springs to the foam using glue. Cut out some pearls from extra sprigs and glue them to the center to achieve the perfect ‘star' shape.
  • Infuse a burst of color into your Christmas tree with a colorful and vibrant tree topper. Insert narrow sticks into a foam ball and spray paint it with any color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry and spray some spray adhesive. Complete it by sprinkling some glitter.
  • For a more glamorous effect, make a tree topper with peacock feathers. These feathers, when swirled, will top the Christmas tree in unique style. Arrange some feathers in your hand and wire them together, leaving some wire to secure the bunch on the top of the tree. After you are done, simply fan out the feathers as you desire and voila! You have a fanciful feathered tree topper.
  • Use sparkling, decorative ribbons to make a stunning tree topper. Pick up wired ribbon that can be easily manipulated. However, the width of the ribbon should be chosen according to the size of the tree. Use 1-inch ribbon for a small tree, while 2 or 3 inches ribbon would be perfect for a large tree. Create multi-looped bow and tie it around the tree top, allowing the ribbons to drape down the branches. For a wavy appearance, curve the wire in the ends of the ribbon gently.
  • For a traditional choice, you can go for Santa Claus and angel themed tree topper. Get a porcelain Santa Claus and place it strategically at the top of the tree. Make sure that the colors used in the idol are bright enough to be visible. In case you are going for the angel-themed tree topper, select the angel statue that holds poise and looks subtle yet elegant.
  • Nothing can match the spirit of the occasion more than the presence of a cross with Jesus Christ on it. Complete the look of your beautifully festooned Christmas tree with the cross. It would not only add to the religious sentiments of the occasion, but remind people of the greatness of the Almighty.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The wondrous festival of Christmas is celebrated across the world with immense gaiety and fervor on the 25th of December. The day marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Such is the enthusiasm of the festival that it is commemorated not just by the Christian community, but by people of all religions. With the passing centuries and years, traditions and customs of Christmas celebrations have been altered on a continuous basis. As such, preparations for this blissful occasion begin months before, evident from the decorations across streets, homes, and shopping complexes, apart from the feel of festivity in the air. Several customs and rituals mark the festivities of this delightful holiday, the most prevalent being gift giving, exchange of cards and greetings, display of various decorations, and preparation of delectable traditional delicacies.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas, no festivities are complete without the much adorned and beautified Christmas tree. A tradition, which began in the 16th century in Livonia and Germany, has now become a global tradition, without which the holidays seem to be merely bland and tasteless. Call it real or artificial, small or big, fir or pine, a Christmas tree is amongst the most significant customs of this festival practiced across the globe. Traditionally, the tree is brought home and embellished with all sorts of Christmas ornaments, say lights, garlands, candy canes, baubles, tinsel - anything and everything that can make the tree stand apart from the rest of the decorations. To give you a sigh of relief as to what ornaments can be used to deck up your Christmas tree for this Christmas, we present you some creative and decorative ideas for putting up the tree at its best. Read on.

Ideas For Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • It's been quite some time since illuminated Christmas tree ornaments have been in the market. And since they are at their growth stage, they are likely to be popular this season as well. There are several departmental stores and Christmas shops selling illuminated ornaments, like tiny houses, cottages, miniature Christmas trees, and North Poles. Tiny bulbs can also be picked to give your Christmas tree the true festive effect.
  • If you simply love the tunes of Christmas during the holidays, then this is the perfect chance to reveal it through the ornaments displayed on your Christmas tree. A number of musical Christmas ornaments can be found in the market during the festive season. What's more, they even play different Christmas carols and Christmas hymns.
  • Technology has taken over the global market long before. Such is its growth and acceptance that you can find assorted mobile Christmas ornaments in markets. Gone are those days when you had to pull a string or flip a switch to activate the ornaments. Modern technology allows the ornaments to move themselves all the time. Interesting to see Santa tilt his head from side-to-side or snowmen bob up and down, isn't it?
  • Bulbs and bulb ornaments are always in, reason being they are a part of tradition. And you can't afford to leave it behind simply because you want your tree to look trendy and contemporary. Just like previous years, Christmas bulb ornaments will be highly popular and in demand this season as well. You can either pick up bulbs in sets of ten or twenty, or opt for specialty bulbs. For a more festive feel, you can try using bulb ornaments that have Christmas scenes painted on them.

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