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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations

Place a pine tree beside a bland and plain Christmas tree. Do you find any difference? Probably not! And how would you? After all, they both are pine trees. A tree isn't a Christmas tree unless it is adorned with decorations. Embellishing the Christmas tree is one of the most significant highlights of the festive season, without which the festival seems just insipid and unexciting. Then, why not make your coniferous stand out in the crowd with the help of some vibrant and bright Christmas ornaments? Right from elegant white decorations to colorful Christmas tinsels, you have plenty of options to deck up your Christmas tree. But if you are tired of decorating your tree in the same monotonous theme, create the feeling of nostalgia with antique Christmas tree decorations and see what volume it speaks.

Indulge in some fun and excitement while strolling down the memory lane and revisiting holiday decorations from the past. Add that old world charm to your home, the Christmas tree in particular, and conjure up images of romance of the Victorian era. Remember those kids dressed up in velvet and lace, and people hosting huge Christmas balls to celebrate the holidays. Draping the Christmas tree with a vintage theme is extremely simple and affordable, even for a homemaker. Want to revive those simpler Victorian times, get ready to infuse some effects of antiqueness with decorating ideas. Pick up all the vintage items you can find in your home or purchase a few from antique shops to display the same on the tree. Check out some ideas here that will guide you for pushing a little more than what you were expecting.

Antique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
  • Remember those “disco balls” made from cardboard? Make different folds in colored cardboard and staple them at places. And you have shimmering decorations, in assorted colors, to festoon the Christmas tree.
  • If you can find rotating light displays that change from red to green to blue, you have a real gem in your treasure of vintage items. Use these lights to drape the tree and see them illuminating the tree in varied colors.
  • Christmas candles were the original Christmas tree lights. Incorporate them into your decorations and see the effect they bring out. Instead of using the regular votive holder, pick up appropriate candles that can comfortably sit on the tree. Light them only during the Christmas dinner and never leave them unattended.
  • A collection of antique knickknacks can be put up on the Christmas tree. Especially those that are close to your heart will do the job. Clocks, old toys, small bottles, or even tiny birdcages will look great. Depending upon the colors of your curios, you will have to select ribbon, garland, and accent ornament colors to complement the entire look.
  • Use beaded garland to wrap the tree. Alternatively, you can also make a garland using popcorn, with the help of your kids. Besides, cranberry garlands were also a common decoration in those times.
  • To top the tree, you can choose from a large angel or doll, or an electric star or Santa Claus. An angel made in cherub porcelain would also work wonders.
  • In the olden times, tinsel was commonly used for embellishing the Christmas tree, particularly the one made from real silver. For that real Victorian effect, use just a little of it on the tree to present a sparkling texture.
  • Let the sounds of the season be heard on the Christmas tree as well. Wrap the tree with jingle bells, all different sizes. To complete the classic Christmas tree theme, add on silver ornaments and winterberries.

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