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Sunday, October 26, 2008

"I Love Baroda"

Woh Mandvi, woh Tower, woh Baroda ka station..
Woh Mandvi, woh Tower, woh Baroda ka station..!
Woh Ellora-park jo avval tha pani-puri mein,
Woh raunak jo rehti thi Alpkapuri mein,
Woh Payal ki kachori,
woh Rumzum ki chaatein
Woh office main laake samosay thay khaatein..
Kahaan Dairy-den ka ice-cream,
kahaan Rajkamal ke khaman,
Woh Jagdish ke farsan,
woh Kalyaan ka dosa,
Woh Vishaal jo daalta tha Sandwich mein samosa,
Woh Raju ka Omlet,
woh Duliraam ke pende,
Woh halki si baarish mein Sarabhai ke bhajiye,
Kahaan jalaram ki lassi,
aur woh wadi ki tam-tam..
Woh Vaccine aur Aarkee ke rangeele garbay,
Woh home-science ki maalein,
woh fine-arts ke fatkay,
Hansa mehta ke chakkar,
SD Hall ka phera,
Fatehgunj ki sadkon pe ladkon ka dera..
Na career ki chinta,
na naukri ka tension..
Yeh Passport bhi le lo..
yeh greencard bhi le lo..
Bhale chheen lo mujhse mera yeh H1..F1
Magar mujhko lauta do woh Baroda ka jeevan

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Love U My Dost"

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift.
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace.
And makes the whole world we live in

"My Friend"

My Friend when I think of you.
I think of all that we've been through.
All the times we argue and fight,
I know deep inside that it isn't right.
I, then feel bad and alot of pain.
It feels like I've fallen from the sky like the rain.
I love you dear friend with all of my heart.
But now that you're gone I've fallen apart.
I'm getting better as the days go by.
I wish sometimes this was all a big lie.
I pray to you every night.
It's like you're my fire, a burning light.
My dear friend, I miss you alot.
I still wonder why you were put in that spot.
I know you're in a place much better than here.
Watching and helping me with all of my fear.
Our friendship my dear friend,
we will have to the end.
Friends til the end is what we will be.
Someday we'll be together,together you and me.

"Forever Friends"

you'r my friend and that is true,
but the gift was given from me to you.
we went thru moments that were good and bad,
even moments that were happy and sad.
you suported me when i was in tears,
we stuck together when we were in fear,
its really sad that it had to be this way,
but it has reached its very last day.
miles away cant keep us apart,
'cause you'll always be in my heart.
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is sliver and the other gold !


safar ma hum safar bahu badha male che...
pan sacha mitro malta nathi....
thanks for being my frd in d journy of my life....
dosti to vo hoti he...
jaha hum dosto ke kandhe par sar rakh ke ro sakte he...
we can hug them.. n we feel peacefull...
jab hum milke rote the vo yaad karte he to hansi aati he..
par jab hum milke haste the vo yaad karta hu to aankho me ansu aa jate he.....
kuch esi hi hoti he dosti....thoda gum.. thodi khushi.
.bahot sara zagda n ladai..ruthna manana....
vo hasin pal jo sath me bitaye hote he...
jo hamare dil ke kisi kone me chipkar reh jate he....
bus taza rakhna in yaado ko dost
or hamesha apne is dost ko dil me chupaye rakhna.
.bus yaad aaye to hamari to muskura lena....
ek esa ehsas jo hum chahkar bhi bhul nai pate....
chahe bhala ho ya bura...akhir me he to apna dost na!!!
to fir kyo na hum ji le ye dosti ke khushnasibo ko hi milte he...
kya pata kal ho na ho....
miss u my frd...

" What U Want???"


"Nice Thought"

I met money &said u r just a piece paper
Money smiled and said ofcourse i m a piece of paper,
but i havent seen a dustbin yet in my life

" Motivational Video "

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