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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flowers Motivation

Courtyard With Flowers By Gabriela

Flowers are important ornamentals. Beauty and flowers cannot be separated.
Flowers add more colours and beauty to our life. They make our place a nicer place to live. Looking at flowers can motivate our mind. Flowers bring motivation to your life.
Flowers are just so important in our life. Everyday, we walk along the paths, walk along the parks and roads, we see flowers everywhere around us. Even in TV, in paintings, in books, in photography, we can see flowers. This got to show how important flowers are in our life.
In nature, flowers are important to plants as they ensure survival of the plants in this world. Without flowers to produce fruits, which contains the seeds to produce more offspring, reproduction for the plant is not possible. Without flowers, the humans, animals and insects will not be enable to enjoy their fruits. Without flowers, the bees and butterflies will have no work to do. Bees and butterflies need the existence of flowers to obtain their food. Without them, they would die. When bees and butterflies die, a lot of animals will indirectly be affected, causing the biological ecosystem to be greatly disrupted.

Flowers add sparks and wonders to life. Organizing flower shows helps to draw people of the same interest together, making more friends, learning more things from one another. In this stressful world, flower shows definitely relaxes your mind. 
Flowers are important ornamentals. Beauty and flowers cannot be separated.
In our life, flowers have important roles to play too. A lot of people love flowers. The love for flowers have created hobbies for these people, from gardening to flower arrangement specialist. The love of flowers has created a demand for flowers, and this has give rise to more florists in the markets. The love of flowers and plants, have prompted people to build their own gardens, governments to build more parks and upgrade the current parks too. These, in turn has created a lot of jobs opening such as curator, park ranger, and so on.
Flowers come in a varieties of colours. Some are very conspicuous, with bright and big petals, some are very minute, with white or pale colour and you have to be very careful (such as the grass flowers ) in order to see them. No matter what their size are, they always have their unique purposes to serve.
For the sick people, whether they are lying at home or lying in the hospital, bringing flowers to them bring them smile. For the sick, looking at the flowers brings them hope and life. The fragrance from flowers also brings on inspiration for the patient. (Some people are allergic to flowers. They cannot stand the flowers pollen, especially Lilies. So before you sent flowers to sick people, find out whether they are allergic to flowers a not. If so, bringing flowers to them will cause more problems than doing good to them. )

Picking Wild Flowers By Francis Jones
Walking in among plants and flowers soothes the mind. Experience peace and tranquility as you stroll in the garden. Recharge your energy in the garden.
For people with poor mental health, such as people who are depressed, people who feel stress in life, people who find that life is boring, no purposes and so on, cultivating an interest in flowers can be helpful. If you have an open space outside your home, you can start using that piece of land to create your own garden. Gardening is a great hobby. It will cultivate your patience when you take your time to look after the plants carefully. Gardening needs your patience when you need to prune the plants, clean the leaves, pull out weeds which are detrimental to the plants. When you see your garden blossoms, when you see the growth and progress of your garden, it brings on a smiling face on you, and a smile in your heart. You feel a sense of great accomplishments. You would feel even more fulfilling when people like your garden and complimented your garden. Everyday spending some time in the garden, doing what you like, is a healthy way of living. Your mind is occupied with purpose. Gardening keeps you busy with good thoughts and healthy thoughts. Sharing gardening tips and ideas with people around you, meeting up with garden lovers, these will ultimately make your life more purposeful and meaningful. You will feel happier eventually.

Vase With Flowers By Edward Noott
Even if you do not have a land for your own garden, or a place for a garden at home, cut flowers put in vases, are great ideas to decorate your home.  Flower arrangements like this is a good hobby.  Looking at flowers and beautifying your home is a great motivator for your life.

In Singapore where land is scarce, and many people are living in flats, apartments and condominiums, to own a piece of land for gardening is almost impossible. Very often these people have to resort to container gardening, box gardening or balconies gardening. Being indoor, there is restrictions on what kind of plants or flowers you can have. Luckily it is not impossible.
You have to wait until the appropriate time for a plant to have flowers (when it is mature enough). When they flower, the flowers are very short-lived. It takes time for the flowers to open up from a flower bud. When it has opened, it hardly last. Some flowers such as the morning glory, never last for even a day! Such flowers though are short-lived, have had their own contributions. To see the blooms in your garden, is a real satisfaction, a pleasure that you can never buy with how much money you have. It’s through your very own effort.
We are just like plants. When we are a baby, we are the seed. When we are small, we are fragile. Just like the plants who face hardships, obstacle, and difficulties at times when there is strong wind, thunderstorm or rain, drought, we too undergo these circumstances. Through these circumstances, the plants develop strong stems and ultimately a stronger trunk and a more well-establish roots in the long run. Similarly, our life will be made stronger if we are constantly faced with hardships. When you reach adulthood, just like the plant which has reach maturity and when the conditions are right (when you have met your love partner), reproduction takes place. Flowers (pregnancy) takes place to ensure survival of the same species on earth. It is a natural process. Flowers give rise to fruits (baby). After giving birth to baby, the flowers die. The plants don’t die. Our big ‘tummy’ will be gone in a matter of time.
Gathering Flowers By Henry King

Collecting flowers in your garden, making dry flowers, pressed flowers, making arts with flowers are great hobbies.  Instead of pondering over worries and anxieties of life, spend time doing more positive and useful things, your overall health will greatly be increased.

Like flowers, we need to be taken care of. After flowering, the plants need pruning. The plants need pruning to feel younger, and to ensure more flowering in future. Similarly, after pregnancy, the mother needs to be well taken care of. A woman is the most feminine when she reaches motherhood. Sending flowers to your women in your life, conveying the message of appreciating her for everything she does for you, not only brightens her day, but it will also strengthens your bond with her. Bring on a smile to your women in your life. Send her flowers, send an online card, or simply surprise her with a note to let her know how much you value her and how much she means to you in your life. Treasure every moment you have. Beauty is never lasting, but the bonds you created is lasting. The stronger the bonds the harder it is to be broken off.

Achieving Your Dreams

Reach Out For Your Dreams
By Josh Hinds
Why are we afraid to chase our dreams… Why does one person find it difficult to set out and achieve that which they desire, while others can some how set out, without so much a care in the world. What makes some people achievers, while others remain simply dreamers.
Is it the difference in their internal makeup? Is it in the way they were raised? The environment they grew up in? When one studiesthe lives of “achievers” one thing becomes evident. What is it that tends to shine through in case after case?
In my opinion the most evident factor is that there simply isn’t a set pattern. These “super achievers”, if you will, come from all walks of life. These folks emerge from all social classes. Varying degrees of socioeconomic backgrounds. Some from affluent families, while others emerge from economically depressed areas, and all corners of the earth.
Some of these people are college educated, others are schooled through lessons that life has taught them; the school of hard knocks. Many from a combination of both. However, all understand that knowledge in any form is a constant thing to be acquired. Skills are constantly upgraded.
While each person has come face to face with giving up, they opted to befriended perseverance, and used it to their advantage. Somehow they’ve found a way to overcome the point at which one wants to give up, trudged ahead and reached a point of achievement.
Yet at this point most often they tend to move onto other areas of achievement. Not accepting the status quo. Choosing to move forward towards new goals, and things that stand in their path. Though they may come from vastly differing backgrounds, each has found within themselves their ability to turn dreams into reality.
When you read this it is my hope that you take from this the knowledge that you, are just as they are. You are in fact an achiever. Just like these people you will have adversity. You may have more then your fair share of shortcomings. You may experience what seems to be at the time an inordinate amount of failure in your life.
Even so, you are still an achiever. You have more greatness in you then you can ever know. I hope that you will choose to use the power of persistence to your benefit, as all those achievers before you have. In doing so I am certain you will accomplish much more than you can imagine you are capable of at this point in your life. Dare to dream, but even more importantly, dare to put action behinds your dreams…
Josh is the Co-author of “One Question To Success”

Remember Your ABC

Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits 
elieve in yourself 
onsider things from every angle
Don’t give up and don’t give in 
njoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. 
amily and Friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches 
ive more than you planned to
Hang on to your dreams 
gnore those who try to discourage you 
ust do it 
eep trying no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier 
ove yourself first and foremost 
ake it happen 
ever lie, cheat or steal, always strike a fair deal. 
pen your eyes and see things as they really are 
ractice makes perfect
Quitters never win and winners never quit
Read study and learn about everything important in life
Stop procrastinating 
ake control of your own destiny 
nderstand yourself in order to understand others
Visualize it 
ant it more than anything
Xccelerate your efforts 
ou are unique of all God’s creations nothing can replace you 
ero in on your target and go for it!

Moments That Matters

Golden Moments By John Townsend

Life is a mystery. You do not know what will happen the next moment. Life can be long and can be short. It can be happy and it can be torturous too. Depending on how you look at it, life can be meaningful, it can also be not meaningful at all. The motivating force in life is our loved ones. Yet the opposite is true also — the death of our loved ones can destroy a person life when the person cannot accept the lost of a loved one.
Often when we lost our loved ones, we are filled with regrets and feel remorseful about it. Why? In order to catch up with the pace of society, and to achieve fame, power and wealth, a lot of people are busy climbing up the ladder to reach their dreams. While busy climbing the ladder, they had spent lesser time with their loved ones. They become more impatient and they love money more than kind words of advice. They could be immoral and unrighteous when seeking their own dreams to be fulfilled.
Since life can be so unpredictable, and life is not eternal, why don’t we treasure what we have now instead of pursuing something which we have no control over. No doubt, we need to save for our future, but we also need to maintain a balance in whatever things we do. We must spend equally amount of time for our family, friends and work.

Life is not eternal. We cannot shower our loved ones with love the moment they are dead. When it comes to a love relationship, there is no guarantee to everlasting love also. Our love for our loved one does not cease when they are gone. A true love for our loved ones will always stay in our hearts even when they were ‘gone’ or dead.
A life spent feeling ‘well-spent’ is when you put in your full effort and you know you have done your best in it. When it comes to love, the same thing applies. It takes effort to make a relationship works. You need to watch your words being said to your partner, say the right words and make your partner happy. Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner is not loving your partner when you try to satisfy your sexual desire by seeking another partner. Saying “I love you” means you really mean what you say and you really ‘think’ only of your only loved partner. You are willing to share weal and woes with your loved ones. When you said ‘I love you’, you are prepared to use all your effort and strength, with all your might and spirit, to make the love relationship works. You want to know what your partner like and dislikes. You do not want to disappoint your partner. You would try ways and means to make your partner or spouse happy.
However, for some relationship, a lot of time when you have done all you could to your partner or spouse, yet your partner or spouse did not appreciate you. Breakups, separation and divorce are very common nowadays. When you have put in your effort and you have not done your partner wrong in any way, your conscience is clear, then you treat it as a short course of meal. There is no dessert being served. Go eat another meal. When you never try you never knows. The other meal might be even more delicious than this meal! Even if the relationship did not work out well, at least you know you have done your best.
Life is precious. If you do not know the meaning of life, ask the importance of life to a woman who lost her baby in a miscarriage. Ask the meaning of life to someone who has lost their kins. If you do not know how precious is life, discover the importance of it when you had a life taken away from you.
Treasure life. Treasure all the important people around you. Take good care of yourself so that your loved ones will not feel sad over you. Take good care of your loved ones, treat them well. When sickness strikes or premature death happens to them, you will not be filled with remorse and regret. Life is more meaningful when you know you have contributed your values and service to people around you. Life is more meaningful when you have made the world a better place for everyone around you. Life is meaningful for you if you try your best to serve your love ones with your heart and soul — treat them nicely and make people around you happier.
How the future works out doesn’t matter. It is important to plan for the future. You need to visualize what you want in life. You need to dream for future. However, certain things in our life are beyond our control. Work hard and put effort in fulfilling your dream. Everyday when you have done what you should do, spent every moment of your time well, and the future will work out well itself.
The Future Doesn’t Matter, Every Moment of Life Now Matters.

The future doesn’t matter. Future works out well if you plan and work for it. Dream of what you want. Plan for your future — your retirement income needs, seeking for your life partner or do you wish to be single, your accomodation needs and so on. Money are important in fulfilling most of the needs and for survival of your daily necessities. If you are very clear what you want in the future, then everyday you walk towards your plan for the future. In this way the future will work well by itself. However, many times, we might slack and we never carry out what we plan for. We might not have enough retirement income to maintain our daily living needs at that time. But the future doesn’t matter as compared to now. The most important moment is now. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Even if your plan don’t work out well, there’s always a way out. The only obstacles that is hardest to overcome is your mind. With a positive mindset, a failure can be turn into an opportunity!
Once again, the most important thing is to treasure every moment of your life. The future doesn’t matter. Treasure every moments of life. It matters.

Ways To Multiply Happiness

The finest gift you can give anyone is encouragement.
Yet, almost no one gets the encouragement they need to grow to their full potential.
If everyone received the encouragement they need to grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world would produce abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

by Steve Brunkhorst
Did you know that there are gifts that will multiply your happiness when you give them away? Here are seven of those gifts. Giving these gifts will allow you to share with others your most unique treasure: your authentic self. Each gift will return to you many times.
As you read about each of these gifts, think about ways that you could share that gift with someone today.
1. Share appreciation 
Tell someone how much you appreciate the faith they’ve shown in you. Thank them sincerely for being part of your life. Tell them how much they are needed.
Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times.
2. Share time 
Balance your time expenditures so you can spend time with the people that you love. Support local organizations by sharing your special talents. Volunteer time for projects that benefit others in your community, country, and world.
When we slow down and observe our thoughts closely, we will sometimes uncover gifts and talents we didn’t know we had. Sharing time and talents can result in discoveries that bring happiness beyond measure.
3. Share knowledge and ideas 
Tell someone about a great book that you read so they can benefit from it too. Teach a new concept or idea that you’ve learned.
One of the best ways to strengthen new concepts in your mind is to share them with others. The more often you share what you’ve learned, the stronger that information will become in your memory. Sharing knowledge also provides solutions to problems. The more knowledge we share, the more knowledge we receive in return.
4. Share friendship 
Acknowledge someone’s strengths. Let them know that you are willing to be there when they need you. Visit someone you haven’t seen for a long time. Telephone friends or relatives who live far away. Introduce two friends who don’t know each other.
Bringing one individual into another’s life can result in tremendous changes for both people, and for you. We succeed with the help of others. People grow by growing together. If you’d like to have many friends, then share friendship with others generously.
5. Share kindness 
Perform a random act of kindness for someone: a smile, compliment, or a favor just for fun. These will multiply and spread very rapidly.
There is a powerful quote by Stephen Jay Gould who said, “The center of human nature is rooted in ten thousand ordinary acts of kindness that define our days.” Kindness is priceless. The love, kindnesses, and value we have given authentically to others will be our remaining treasures at the end of life.
6. Share experience 
Keep written or photo journals of your life: things you’ve done, places you’ve traveled, things you’ve learned. Record successes and failures. Share a happy memory. Also share the difficult times that have helped you become stronger and wiser. When shared, the value of these experiences multiplies.
Our unique experiences and perceptions of life are priceless. Sharing experiences will build one of the strongest bonds with others. Our descendants can learn and benefit from our lifetime experiences for generations to come.
7. Share enthusiasm 
If you are excited about a new success, tell someone. If you’re ecstatic about a new project, show your glow. Your enthusiasm will inspire others to move forward with actions that bring rewarding achievements.
Enthusiasm keeps us looking forward to the future. It brings many of those exciting days that we can savor with gratitude. That kind of glowing excitement for life is impossible to hide. It is contagious and will quickly spread to others.
Think about this statement by Norman MacEwan: “Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
Sharing these gifts sends our thoughts on a far-reaching journey where they will touch many lives, and reconnect with our own. Would you like to receive these same life-enhancing gifts again and again? Begin multiplying your happiness by sharing one of these special gifts with someone today!
Steve Brunkhorst is a professional life success coach, and the editor of Achieve! 60-Second Nuggets of Inspiration, a popular mini-zine bringing stories, motivational nuggets, and inspiring thoughts to help you achieve more in your career and personal life.

Stay Happy: The Secret

One day, one friend asked another,
“How is it that you are always so happy?
You have so much energy,
and you never seem to get down.”
With her eyes smiling, she said,
“I know the Secret!”
“What secret is that?”
To which she replied,
“I’ll tell you all about it,
but you have to promise to
share the Secret with others.”
“The Secret is this:
I have learned there is little I can do
in my life that will make me truly happy.
I must depend on God to make
me happy and to meet my needs.
When a need arises in my life,
I have to trust God to supply
according to HIS riches.
I have learned most of the time
I don’t need half of what I think I do.
He has never let me down.
Since I learned that ‘Secret’, I am happy.”
The questioner’s first thought was,
“That’s too simple!”
But upon reflecting over his own life
he recalled how he thought a bigger house
would make him happy, but it didn’t!
He thought a better paying job
would make him happy, but it hadn’t.
When did he realize his greatest happiness?
Sitting on the floor with his grandchildren,
playing games, eating pizza or reading a story,
a simple gift from God.
Now you know it too!
We can’t depend on people to make us happy.
Only GOD in His infinite wisdom can do that.
Trust HIM!
And now I pass the Secret on to you!
So once you get it, what will you do?
YOU have to tell someone the Secret, too!
That GOD in His wisdom will take care of YOU!
But it’s not really a secret…
We just have to believe it and do it…
Really trust God!

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