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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unique Christmas Decorations

Christmas comes and Christmas goes; uniting family, friends, and foes. It's that time of the year again; when distances fade and so does pain. Gather together, hold hands, and pray while you kneel; have a glass, laugh a little, and partake in delicious meal. Celebrate love, celebrate life, celebrate Jesus; here, we wish you a Merry Christmas. Yes, the time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ is here again. However, year after year, has the monotony of the celebration caught you by any chance? Do the usual routine, the usual get togethers, and the usual decorations seem too boring to be followed this year?

This Christmas, things don't have to feel like a routine and it's not even that difficult to achieve. Changing the setting of the home where the celebrations are going to take place is sure to change the mood and will add a whole new spirit to the Christmas celebrations. So this Christmas, deviate a little from the regular and set the ball rolling with some unique Christmas decorations that will alter the overall feel of the atmosphere. Change the theme, use different decorative items or use the same items in different ways, keep it mild or keep it flamboyant; it's all up to you to use your imagination to the best. However, we will leave you with some ideas that will help you take a start. Read on!

Creative Ideas For Christmas Decor
  • This year, instead of the regular Christmas tree decorations, go Irish on it. The shades of green and gold ornaments hanging from the tree will be a pure delight to the sore eyes used to run-of-the-mill stuff. Various Irish ornaments like Irish snowman, shamrock, green balls and ribbons, pot of gold ornaments, Irish Santa, green clip on butterflies, fairy ornaments and many more such items are available. Go green!
  • Over many Christmas years, you surely must have received many Christmas cards. If you haven’t thrown them away yet, you did well. For these are not just cards but memories. And a unique way to welcome those into the your home who’ve lovingly sent you many cards over the years, is by way of decorating the hallway or the front door with those very cards. It’ll surely bring a happy tear or a joyous smile to your loved ones when they arrive this year.
  • Instead of decorating your home with just one Christmas tree, decorate it with many. No, they don’t all have to be of the same giant size or can they? Well that’s one way to go about it if you have a spacious lawn and a backyard where you can place a few 10-12 feet high Christmas trees, all decorated with love and care. If a spacious lawn and backyard is not in the scene, worry not, for you can place many small miniature-sized decorated Christmas trees inside and outside your home.
  • Play with the candles, in the best way possible. Don’t spare an inch where there isn’t a candle. On the table, on the windows, on either sides of the front door and the stairway that leads to it, on the mantelpiece, above the fireplace, on the dinner table, in the bedroom, on the roof, in the lawn, or anywhere you think can be decorated with candles. And of course, fiery candles are not to be used unless you want to call in the fire department. Use LED candles all over the place and turn off the rest of the lights. A lovely candled theme decoration will set the tone for the Christmas Eve.
  • While many would like to warm up the environment in the cold winter season during the Christmas with bright colors, blending in the chill and going white is another way to go about it and will make for an elegantly classic look of the entire decorations. Spray the tree, the lawn, and the backyard with artificial snow. Use white lights all over the place; decorate the tree and the home with white or silver ornaments with hints of brightly colored ornaments like artificial fruits and berries, birdhouses, etc.

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