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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Door Decor

"We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year." Yes, the gleesome feeling of the festivity is in the air again and the bells are ringing. While the stores are flooded with gift items and decor stuffs, the bakeries are full of sweet savory delights. The much awaited Christmas is here and it's time to, invite and get invited, to play guests and to play hosts, to hand out gifts and to receive some, to express love and also be at the receiving end of it. It's the time to celebrate the birth of the son of god, Lord Jesus Christ. It's the time to express that you too will breathe in this air of mirth and rejoice the birth of savior.

And what better way to express that feeling than to let the decorations speak volumes for your inbound joy. You heard it! Decorations play a double role, one, of ornamenting your home and making it look more beautiful than it ever was; and second, it is a way of letting out your joy and share with the world that you're happy. The way to the decorated interiors starts with the door, so make sure that no effort is spared in making it look like the most beautiful entrance there is. It will set the tone for rest of the decorations and also it will let the visitors get an idea of what to expect when inside. As such, embellishing the door aptly is the need of the hour when it comes to Christmas decoration. Read further to get some decorating ideas for door for the festival of Christmas.

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas
  • First of all, don’t just choose any door, choose the one that serves as the main entrance to the insides of your house and is used most frequently as the main door.
  • You can either choose to decorate the door as a standalone decoration or with a theme that will then accompany the decorations done on the inside. The theme can even be only for the door. Use your imagination as to what theme you’d like and use the ornaments and colors accordingly.
  • Even if it’s not Christmas, plants always add a naturally vibrant dimension to the decorations of the entrance doorway. But around Christmas, the show is totally different. Christmas poinsettias or small pine trees, placed on either side of the door and decorated like Christmas trees with further beautify the look of the door.
  • Christmas bells represent the joy of the season and will not only add an ornamental effect to the door, but will spread a little holiday cheer too every time the bells ring up due to wind or when the door is opened.
  • Wreaths are inseparable part of Christmas decorations, be it on the door, window, fireplace, main gate and so on. There’s just something Christmassy about them that cheers the senses out of the visitors. And there are a lot of wreaths to choose from: spray painted white wreath, green grapevine wreath, red berry wreath, paper star wreath, Christmas balls wreath, and many more.
  • If you don’t live in a region where it snows around Christmas but have a lawn, you can have it covered with artificial snow, leading right up to the doorway. Place an old sled on the snow covered lawn, without blocking the doorway. The decorative effect of the entire doorway and surroundings will be surmounted.
  • Finally, it will all feel incomplete if Christmas lighting is missing from the scene. Decorate the whole doorway with a string of small cherry sized lights, turn them on at night and watch them light up the proceedings, adding a vivacious feel to the Christmas spirit.

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