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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Contemporary Christmas Decoration

Christmas, the festival of joy, happiness, and togetherness, is celebrated on 25th December throughout the world by the entire Christian community with much zeal and zest. This holy festival commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ. The festive mood can be felt in the air with all streets, homes, and shopping complexes decked up with all sorts of ornaments and trinkets, speaking Christmas. Greeting cards, Santa Claus, candy canes, stars, angels, holly, mistletoe, Christmas tree, and stockings are some primary elements associated with this blissful occasion. Besides, all Christians indulge in preparing traditional delicacies, singing Christmas carols, attending church masses, and decorating the tree and homes.

Does your home despite being beautifully festooned, lack that touch of ecstasy it used to emanate once? Well, it's probably time for infusing some style and elegance to the overall decor through some pick-me-up decorations. Those classic and chintzy decorations used every year to deck up the Christmas tree and your home is a monotonous job. How about choosing a different route this year and opting for a sophisticated and trendy style? Let your Christmas decor ooze out a chic and contemporary feel with sharp lines, delicate details, and sleek designs. Unlike the traditional customs that you follow every year, keep the rituals traditional with the holiday decor being cheerful and fashionable. Take a look at the different contemporary Christmas decorating ideas for a new and fresh look on holidays, this season.

Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas
  • Solace can be found even in the smallest of pleasures. How about a small, sugary treat that serves as a decorative item and satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time? Use real candies to decorate the Christmas tree. Instead, you can even use delicious-looking ornaments shaped like cupcakes and other delicacies.
  • Candies, especially the ribbon candies can also be used to fill clear glass candy jars to give the appearance of colorful confections. Loads of small ornaments to tempt those little kids arriving at your place, right!
  • Make a garland of dried flowers and drape it around the Christmas tree. Fresh cut flowers can also be used randomly around all Christmas tree ornaments. A hint of color and fragrance can add modernity to the traditional ornaments and lights.
  • Nothing is more exciting than receiving a Christmas card. Get more innovative with selecting the most beautiful and touching cards, and stringing them with ribbon. These little treasures can be displayed as window or mantel garlands. Alternatively, the decorative art on the cards can be cut out and used as gift tags.
  • Give the red and green colors a break this Christmas, not to forget the traditional holly. Using other colors than red and green can surely give your holiday home a fresh and trendy feel. You have a plethora of colors to blend and come up with the most modern combination. Purple with raspberry, or brown with periwinkle or sage, the options are plenty.
  • While the color white gives you illusions of a traditional Christmas, the color can be incorporated into modern decorations as well. By focusing on white, metallics, and clear glass, you can create a beautiful and elegant winter wonderland. Place branches in clear glass vases and embellish them with silver, white, or glass ornaments—makes a sure-shot centerpiece for the center table or the dinner table.
  • Assorted blue hues combined with icicle shapes, with a dash of icy elegance, is all you need for a perfect modern Christmas theme. Embellish a large frosted glass, pine tree-shaped structure with varied blue glass beads, while the mantles, windows, doors, and fences can be decked up with icicle-shaped blue lights.
  • For a crisp and cheerful decoration, hang a diamond-shaped, jade-colored bow in the center of the front door. For windowsills, small square, cranberry-colored glass candle holders can be incorporated. Affix jade-colored candles on the holders to complete the contemporary effect.

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