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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Holly Decoration

You can quite easily make your own elegant and exquisite Christmas decorations using certain natural elements. These decorations won't appear even a bit inferior to the decorative items that are floating about in the markets. One such fine Christmas decorations idea is to use vibrant red holly berries. Holly has long been used during Christmas decorations around the world. Its bright green leaves and red berries have been found to sustain their color even when they are brought indoors. Holly has been a popular constituent of wreaths, and also for making fine centerpieces and swags during Christmas. Fresh holly also ejects a mild and pleasant fragrance. The sprigs of these red berries can be used to make a basic wire wreath base. You can hang these wreaths on your front door during the festive season to add elegance to your Christmas decor. These also make a wonderful gift for your friends and family members. Go through the below mentioned lines for an easy step by step method on Christmas holly decoration.

Christmas Holly Wreath

Procedure 1
  • First of all, collect 40-50 holly berry branches and, with the help of a florist scissor, cut them into equal numbers of 12-inch, 14-inch and 16-inch pieces.
  • Then wrap a green florist's wire around the 16-inch holly berry branches and stick the branches around the perimeter of a 16-inch wire wreath frame. Make sure that they are evenly spaced.
  • Now, wrap florist's wire around the 14-inch branches and stick them to the perimeter of the wreath frame, spacing them evenly.
  • Lastly, wrap florist's wire around the 12-inch berry branches and attach the branches around the perimeter of the wire base. Ensure to fill in all the gaps so as to create a full wreath.
Procedure 2
  • First of all, place a foam wreath form on the table. Figure out how you would like the holly branches to be positioned on the wreath so that the berries get enough display. Now cut the branches using florist scissors.
  • Then start attaching the branches one by one by digging the end of each branch into the foam. Push the end into the foam to ensure that it is fully secured. Make sure that the front of the foam is completely covered; branches should be placed in a random order for a rugged look.
  • Continue the previous step till you attain a build with ample layers of branches so that the foam gets hidden but a prominent wreath shape is still visible. For the last layer of branches, you can apply a small amount of glue to their underside so that they stick well to the layers below them. Keep attaching the glued branches until your wreath assumes a fuller look and voila! Your wreath is ready.
Mentioned above are some of the easiest and the finest tips on how to decorate your home using holly branches and holly berries. Read and bring in the fragrance and brilliance of holly into your Christmas decorations.

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