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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personalized Christmas Decorations

The last week of every year is celebrated with great pomp and show in a number of countries round the globe, as 25th December denotes the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, the day on which Christmas is celebrated every year. The day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal; the Christian families come together and embellish their houses with a number of decorative items such as the Christmas tree, Christmas wreaths, Christmas stockings and other forms of decorations. However, over the years, these have become a common way of decorating the indoor and outdoor. To break free from the monotony, people today are employing personalized Christmas decorations to match their lifestyle and status and also to give Christmas a customized feel.

Personalized decorations are special as these are not only a part of the occasion, but these also become a part of the cherished memories for the number of years to come, as etched on the decorations are the memories of the occasion for which the particular piece of decoration was fashioned. The special thing about the personalized decorations is that every time one look at these it reminds of the memories engraved on it. Also, before the personalized decor came into limelight, the decorative stuffs were mostly intended to be hung on the Christmas tree and not to be cherished after the Christmas season. But with personalized decorations even a small piece of ornamentation becomes a wonderful and thoughtful way to cherish the memories. Here are a few tips to decorate your home with personalized decorative items.

Personalized Christmas Decoration Ideas
  • Take out some of the most cherished photographs of Christmas, a few wide white ribbons and a hard cardboard. Paste the photographs on pieces of cardboards cut with a half inch wide margins from the photographs. Next, paste the photographs on the ribbon and write messages or titles on each one of them and decorate the house with those ribbons.
  • A personalized ‘do not disturb’ sign for the door knob which is crafted in holiday spirit, like a sign crafted in color green with artificial evergreens or a sign in the shape of Santa hat etc can be a unique idea to adorn the door this Christmas.
  • If you have a flair for embroidery, an embroidered table runner personalized with the names of all the family members or with a special Christmas message for everyone is a great way to adorn the home, especially the dinning table. You can employ the same idea for a foot mat as well.
  • Instead of buying candles from the market, this Christmas make some on your own. To customize them, get mold containers of the alphabets. Prepare the melted wax and fill it in the mold. Once prepared keep it in a way that the candles together spell your family name. You can also go for personalized votive holders for the added effect.
  • For the Christmas tree, stitch Christmas stockings. Personalize it by adding the name of each family member on a separate stocking. You can either embroider just the initials or the entire name. Engraved personalized Christmas stocking holders and Christmas tree skirts are a few other such personalized decorations
  • Another innovative gift idea can be a personalized classic wood sledge painted with old-fashioned folk art, which can be kept just outside the door to give Christmas that old traditional look.

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