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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Office Decorations

The birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is a day that is celebrated across the world with much exuberance, enthusiasm and liveliness. Days before the festival, the whole atmosphere revels in the glory of the festivity. People wait for the holiday season to reunite with family and friends. As such it wouldn't be wrong to say, the whole season brings an opportunity for people to get together and spend a few days with their families and friends confined in an elated environment from which they don't want to get out. Sadly, it doesn't work out in the same way for each and everyone as some don't get to go home for the whole of season but have to work instead.

If you are one of those, don't be disappointed that you can't go home for the entire Christmas season; you can bring the joy of the same to your office and feel at home. However, don't mix up the office environment with regular Christmas decorations as it can present an odd picture of the overall environment. But there's much that you can do to decorate your office using the stuff that already sits there either on your desk or in the office storehouse. Also, make sure that decision of decorating your work area or part of the office is because of mutual consent and that it doesn't hinder or annoys any of the co-workers. Continue reading to know about how to best utilize the prevalent resources and merge yourself into the holiday season, even at office.

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas
  • Firstly, it’s better to consult your boss and look into the company’s Christmas decoration policy before you embark on the decorative spree. If you get a go ahead, don’t let the decorating hours obstruct in your work hours. Decorate either before or after your working hours.
  • Now let’s start with the basics. Dust has no place in the Christmas decorations. Clean every particle of it off your desk and the surrounding area before you embark on the decoration journey.
  • It’s possible that most of the employees may be busy with their work responsibilities and office duties and may not be able to dedicate much time towards the decorations. If this is the case, it’s best to go for ideas that comparatively require less planning and effort.
  • Depending on the size of your cubicle or office, order a Christmas tree. You can order the Christmas tree from online shopping and have it delivered to your office. Place the tree at a spot from where it can be seen from each employee’s desk.
  • Place a few small Christmas poinsettia plants or small pine trees around your office, including the entry door. Place them in such a way that they don’t obstruct the walking pathway of rest of the stuff.
  • Office windows are your best call when to show your decorative skills as they won’t act like an obstruction but rather, will have people out on the street look and feel happy that the Christmas spirit isn’t lost in the offices. Small wreaths, not more than a foot in diameter, can be placed at the office windows, doors and your desk for the decorative feel.
  • You can stuff plastic and pillow cases with shredded paper and draw a face using the permanent marker. Office supplies like paper clips and staples can be used to hold together the snowman.
  • You can place miniature objects (1-2 feet long) like trees, snowmen, and even smaller objects like stars, bells, and candy canes at your desk but without letting them create a disturbance when you work.
  • At the side of the office that is less crowded or isolated, you can take an empty chair and have a dwarf life-sized Santa Claus sit on it. Alternatively, you can have the nativity scene.


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