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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Star Decoration Ideas

There can't possibly be a Christmas decoration without jingle bells, Christmas tree or a Christmas star. This Christmas, you can jazz up your home with brilliant and flashy Christmas stars and add a sparkle to the entire decoration. The Christmas star has been one of the most important symbols associated with the Christmas tradition. It depicts the star that shone brightly in the sky the night when the three wise men made their way to Bethlehem, to meet baby Jesus. Conventionally, it has not been just an embellishing ornament, rather a symbol for hope, prosperity and joy. These stars are available in a great variety that you can take your pick from. Moreover, you can always lend your creative touch and create your own Christmas star. To assist you in your endeavor of pepping up and adorning your home with brilliant sparkling stars this Christmas, here are some unique and elegant ideas that you can use.

Christmas Star Decoration
  • Placing your star atop your exquisite Christmas tree is an elegant idea, irrespective of whether the Christmas tree which you have is a real or an artificial one, and also whether it is tall or short.
  • Make your windows appear more flamboyant by using brilliant, glinting white lights made in the shape of stars. Anyone who walks or drives by can't help admiring your aesthetic sense.
  • Look for better designs and find what the shops or the internet has in store for you. Christmas stars are available in three different sizes in the market, viz., small, medium and large; choose according to your preference.
  • If you are bored with the designs that are available in the market or they look too commonplace and dull to you, muster up all your artistic faculties, gather your art supplies and make some magnificent stars to suit your liking. Thus, lending your personal touch you can pep up your entire Christmas decor. Add loads of glitter for a dazzling look.
  • Rather than hanging the mistletoe at the entrance of your home to welcome your friends and other guests, hang a star above the door for all to see. However, it is important to ensure that it doesn't dangle too low else it can be a bit annoying, especially to the taller fellows.
  • Glass made stars look graceful and can add sparkle to your Christmas decor. Hang a glass star where it gets enough sunlight and see it glitter in the daytime hours.
  • Rather than using a ribbon to hang your Christmas star, attach a lollipop stick or a chopstick to the bottom of the star. Now you will have the liberty to make it stand in a little pot to add flair to your table decoration. You can also fix it into a Christmas plant to add splendor to the decor.
Make sure that you do not overdo the decoration with the Christmas star. Keep it simple and bask in the glory of the compliments that come your way, for your artistic workmanship, with the help of the above mentioned ideas.

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