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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Homemade Christmas Centerpiece

If the Christmas is around and you are over with making of your Christmas wreath, decoration of your Christmas tree, then it is definitely the time to create a Christmas centerpiece. Centerpieces can make your Christmas dinner table setting look more welcoming. We emphasize on homemade Christmas centerpiece as it adds a personal touch to the Christmas decoration, which is invaluable. If you keep changing the water timely, then fresh arrangements can last throughout the holiday season and nothing adds more to the serenity of the environment then a piece of nature itself inside our homes.

The decorative Christmas centerpiece is a wonderful item to supplement the party mood and add on to the grandeur of the decoration. Whether it is about making your party table a bit colorful or whether to supplement to your lighting by adding candles to the centre piece, the centerpieces can be made diverse design and color depending upon the kind of decor you are aspiring for. These home made centerpieces can also be wonderful personalized gifts for your near and dear ones. Here are some tips to make Christmas table centerpiece and maintain them too:

Homemade Christmas Table Centerpieces
  • Water the oasis floral foam of the fresh evergreen centerpiece daily to keep it wet and make it last longer.
  • To check the level of water, you can use your fingertip and pour the water slowly with a water bottle until you have replenished enough water that was consumed in one day.
  • It is better to display your fresh centerpiece arrangement on a platter, so that there is no danger of spilling mud and water on your washed and ironed spotless tablecloth.
  • An easy way to make a table centerpiece is to collect some flowers with long stems, strip off the leaves from stem's bottom part and insert them into the foam.
  • You can also use candles to enhance the decoration of your centerpiece. However, keep in concern that if you are using burning candles as the centerpiece during Christmas feast, place them more than an inch apart, so that they don't melt each other.
  • For candle and fresh flower arrangement, use oasis floral foam to hold flowers and florist candleholders to hold candles for more safety.
  • Fresh, flat and supple cedar boughs from which needles from the bottom have been stripped off before inserting into the foam, varieties of evergreens to add colors, red, white and fresh flowers such as roses and carnations in other colors, pine cones and artificial and sparkling silver and golden glass ornaments can be used to make several interesting centerpieces.
  • Fresh fruits or beaded fruits also make interesting centerpiece for the table.

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