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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Santa Party Game

'Santa on Christmas' is suitable for a clean adult Christmas party where the winner gets the chance to dance with Santa and get a favor from him. The game is romantic and all in good fun. As Santa is vital for Christmas, in the similar way the party games are essential for Christmas celebrations. This game not only gives an opportunity for fun and but also gives an opportunity to the participants to win a lots of interesting gifts. This game also includes all the participants at the party so everybody gets a chance to enjoy the party. Here are steps on how to prepare the game and play it:

Santa Christmas Party Game

Things You Will Need
  • Santa outfits for all guests complete with belly, white beard and mustache
  • Good music collection
  • A bag of party favors as a gift for the winner with a mixed collection of 'dumb' (or meaningless things) and 'smart' (or things of value) gifts
How To Play
  • Call your guests one by one.
  • Each of your guests can ask the question to reveal the identity of the other by asking him one question at a time.
  • The person whose identity is discovered in maximum number of questions wins and gets the bag of party favors.
  • The person who reveals the identity of most Santas will now get to dance with the Santa of the day and can ask him for any favor from his bag.
  • If he gets a dumb gift, the prize remains with the Santa.
  • If he grabs a smart gift, he or she will be the owner of the prize.

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