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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Tree Storage

If you want to reuse your Christmas tree for the next couple of years, then you would have to store it properly, so that unwanted damages are avoided. All the efforts you took to decorate the tree will go waste, if it is not stored properly. In addition to this, you need to consider many things, while deciding the space used to store it. The availability of different options for different trees is what makes it easier for people to store their Christmas tree properly. In case you are clueless about storing your tree, the tips on how to store Christmas tree, given in the article, will help you a great deal.

Storage Of Christmas Tree
  • The markets have three main types of storage options for Christmas tree - Plastic Box, Bags (plastic, canvas, polyester and nylon) and Storage Containers (for big trees). The storage containers are quite a popular option.
  • If you want to store your Christmas tree in bags or containers, then look for empty boxes at your home. Store the decorative pieces including ornaments and sequins in empty boxes, in which you might have received gifts for Christmas.
  • Collect all the boxes you find at home and set them on a table top. Check the edges for splits or if they are torn on any side. In such a situation, mend the loopholes with the help of a strong tape. You may also seal the gaps using quick-fix adhesives.
  • Old shoe boxes and tin cans are good storage containers for those small ornaments and sequins that are used to decorate the Christmas tree. Wrap the decorative pieces in tissue papers and then place them in the shoe boxes. Do not forget to seal the boxes thereafter.
  • After removing and storing all the decorative items, take the Christmas tree carefully and lay it down in the storage container that it came in. If the stand is detachable, take it out and store it in a separate box.
  • Don't forget to put labels on the boxes stating the contents of the box and the side of the container that should be up.
  • Seal the boxes with tape and put them in a place, where they would remain unperturbed until the next Christmas. The best places would be above your cupboard, inside the attic or those storage shelves at the top of your room.
  • The room, in which you store your Christmas tree, should be free of moisture. It should be a cool, dry and dark place. This is because moisture might lead to the growth of microbes and other organism, which may pose a threat to the stored tree.

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