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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Way To Peace

Your way to peace lies along your daily walk of life. Your self-fulfillment must be achieved, not in wishing, but in living each day as it comes. 

Only in reality can you find your true well-being. 

As you rise each morning, see your daily routine (any any improvements you can make on it) as your path to eternal glory. 

Strive to recognize the true values within your grasp, adjust your attitudes to the objective facts of your personal life, and make use of your limited powers within the boundaries of your daily concerns.

If you proceed in this manner from day to day, a year from now you will show forth more wisdom, more contentment and more godliness within yourself and in your involvements with others.

If you simply drift along in insecurity, discontent, and hostility, you will become ever more fixed in the habits which now interfere with your peace of mind.

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