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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Searching For True Peace

The mind is like the stomach. It is not how much you put into it that counts, but how much it digests. ~ Albert Jay Nock
Knowing what is right and what is wrong but doing what is right and what is wrong is two different things. Knowing something is wrong and still doing it is very common in human. This is because doing wrong thing is so easy and learning bad things is faster to learn than learning good things. Good things take time. And it takes a lot of will power and patience. However, because of the pace of our society, we are somehow 'forced' to keep pace with the speed of our society. Everyday, we need to hurry here and hurry there, time is running short, but the to-do-list is always getting longer. That's why we see more diseases, more heart problems -- high blood pressure, heart attack, more cancer patients, more colon illness etc. It has to do with our pace of life too. Good health comprises of our mental thinking and physical health too. Where our mind cannot think well, our physical body will suffer and vice versa.

Peace is the medicine, the natural medicine to good health. When you are at peace, you will find that most aches and pains are gone too. When you are at peace, your headaches will be gone, and for cancer patients or those people suffering from diseases, you know that you need to have good rest, maintain cheerfulness. Peace allows your body to heal faster, decrease your body to 'age' faster and your health to decline faster too.

Peace is wonderful. Peace has so many advantageous to the self and to the world. 

Searching for the definition of true peace

What is peace? It is a state of mind where you feel in perfect harmony with nature, your environment and people around you. It is a state of mind where you can totally feel calm and relax. Peace is the gateway to happiness and joy. In my opinion, true peace is peace that is everlasting. It is peace that can be attained forever, 'sticking' with you every moment of your everyday life -- it is not something that you have peace today but when some problems cropped up, you fail to have peace later on.

How to search for true peace? Everybody want to search for peace. But can you really 'find' peace when you are so busy 'searching' for it? My answer is no. To attain true peace, which is everlasting peace, you need to sit down, you need to slow down your pace in life. You need to look at the world around you. Everyday so many things happen to the world, violence and crimes are happening in different parts of the world. Women and even little children got raped. This is certainly no peace to the world. These victims' families are not going to be at peace! 

The only person who can give yourself peace is yourself. If everybody knows how to achieve peace and harmony in this world, then there would be true peace in this world. It is the same logic as the use of plastic bags or the throwing of litter on the ground. If everybody use plastic bags, then everybody follows. If there are people who litter the floor, then there will always be people who litter the floor. On the other hand, if all the people in this world don't use plastic bags, and all the people do not litter, then that will discourage people from using plastic bags and littering as well. Similarly, if everybody is kind, thoughtful and helpful to each other, then this would make this earth a different place to live in. It has to start with a person, and then two and then four and so on. It got to be exponential to get it working. It takes time.

So how does an individual be able to attain true peace? This is very hard, especially in this fast pace society. But I believe it is not impossible. It all starts with your mental attitude. What is your main purpose of life? Knowing the fact that nothing in this world is everlasting. Everything that you own now is only worldly possession. You work hard, you try ways and means to achieve fame and power, retort to ways and means, are you happy with the pace of your life and what you experience? Everybody in this world 'fighting' and 'struggling' for survival, competing against one another in business, in studies and whatever. Ultimately who suffer? So the attitude is very important. 

Where there is love, there is hatred. Where there is high expectation, there is great disappointment. As long as there is no greed, everything should be fine. A lot of time a lot of problems lies in our own desire. A strong desire for a certain thing, create a strong need, which in turn create greed, which in turn create anxiety and no peace. This may lead to doing some wrongful actions in some people in satisfying their own desires.

The mind is everything. You are what you think. You are what you do. Just Believing and practicing what you want in life will ultimately make you perfect one day. If you want to seek true peace, it got to start with you. 

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