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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pictures of Jesus Resurrection

According to the Trinitarian interpretation of the New Testament, Jesus was both human and God , so he had the power to lay his life down and to take it up again; thus after Jesus died, he came back to life. This event is referred to in Christian terminology as the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is commemorated and celebrated by most Christians annually on Easter Sunday.

Significance of the Resurrection : The resurrection of Jesus is perhaps the most significant part of the New Testament, where, according to Christian Theology, it is the point in scripture where Jesus gives his ultimate demonstration that he has power over life and death, thus he has the ability to give people eternal life.
While Easter Sunday is the main day on which the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated directly, Emperor Constantine I of Rome, in order to harmonise Christianity with the other main religion of the time, that of Sol Invictus (unconquerable sun), declared that weekly church gatherings would no longer occur on Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath), rather that it should occur on the day of the week dedicated to Sol Invictus (since renamed to Sunday), so effectively Sunday church gathering celebrates the resurrection.

Jesus' death and resurrection subtend a variety of theological interpretations as to how salvation is granted to humanity. A common feature of all these interpretations is that they place greater emphasis on the death and resurrection than on the actual words said to have been taught by Jesus himself on the subject of atonement. (eg. Matt. 6:14-15).

Roman Catholic view of Resurrection: Held by the majority of Christians, the Catholic view is that Jesus willingly sacrificed himself as an act of perfect obedience, atoning for the disobedience of Adam, and thus cleansing Mankind of the stain of original sin. Jesus's sacrifice was an offering of love that pleased God more than man's sin offended God, so now all who believe in Jesus and keep his commandments may receive salvation in his name.

Catholics believe one can fall from grace again if one continues to sin after being saved. One can be restored to grace through the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (Confession).

 For Christians, the historicity of the resurrection is seen as crucial, as most tend to assume that if Jesus has power over life and death, then he is the Son of God.

In the Gospels, the empty tomb is the first sign of the Resurrection of Jesus. When (a) certain female follower(s) of Jesus go to the tomb where his body was laid after the cruxifixion, they discover his body gone, and a young man or angel(s) waiting within to tell them that he is risen from the dead.

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