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Friday, March 16, 2012

Prayers of the Church - The Sign of the Cross

I open my hand and touch my brow,
"In the name of the Father"
I say.
Come bless me, God,
come bless me,
bless me in every way.
Come bless what I see,
and bless what I hear,
and bless what I think and say.
Then I touch my heart with my hand,
and say
"and of the Son."
Bless me, Jesus, bless my heart
that I may love everyone.
I touch my shoulders
left and right,
"and of the Holy Spirit"
I say.
O God, thank you,
for all I have this day.
God's hand's in mine
as I bless myself,
God in heaven above,
and the Cross of Jesus
blesses me too,
the Cross of Jesus' love.

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