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Monday, March 12, 2012

Roman Catholicism : The Sacrament of Holy Communion

In Roman Catholicism, Holy Communion is a Sacrament that children often receive when they are age seven, and had their first Sacrament of Penance. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the body of Jesus Christ.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is often misunderstood. Catholic Holy Communion is not as complicated as one may think. Holy Communion is a Sacrament that children often receive when they are age seven, and had their first confession (Sacrament of Reconcilation). Children over the age seven or adults who want to become members of the Catholic Church can also receive the Holy Communion after their first confession.
According to the Catholic Doctorine, Holy Communion is essential for human salvationTaking communion helps us to resist temptation and avoid sin.

Non-Catholics wonder why they can't take Holy Communion in a Catholic church. When in a Catholic Church, only those who are actually Catholic may receive communion. The reason is that Catholics believe that the bread and wine used in Communion are Jesus Christ. It is not denying others of Christ, but it is the principal of taking something that you do not believe. If someone wants to take Communion, they can take classes and take the other Sacraments leading up to Holy Communion. Most other Christian religions believe that Communion is a symbol of Christ, and not actually Jesus.

If an adult would like to participate in Catholic Holy Communion, then they should attend classes, and receive the Sacrament of Penance. No one should take Communion without having their first Penance first. The Sacrament of Penance is also commonly referred to as confession.

Catholics should fast for at least one hour before taking Holy Communion. Many years ago, the rule used to be that you should fast twenty-four hours before taking Communion. The reason behind fasting is to cleanse your body before consuming the Lord. Also, if you have not been to confession in a long time and/or committed a mortal sin then you should not take Communion.Go to confession, and then you're ready for Communion. You want your soul to be as clear as possible so Jesus can help guide and protect you.

Catholics can take Holy Communion once a day, but it is not mandatory to take on daily basis. However, if possible, you should take it once a week during Mass. You can take Communion either in the form of bread or wine. Both forms are the Jesus. So, it is not necessary to take in both forms if you don't want to.
When you receive Communion, your hands should be clean and you should treat the Eucharist with respect. When Communion is presented to us, we say "Amen" before eating it. After you eat Communion, go back to your pew and you should pray. Jesus is within you very strong at that time.

When someone is very sick and/or close to death, they should take Holy Communion. This will help them to be closer to Jesus and ready for death.

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