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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Glorious Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries tell us what happened after Jesus died. The First Glorious Mystery brings us to Jesus' grave where he was buried after dying on the Cross. On Easter Sunday, his friends found his grave empty. Jesus had risen from the dead; he came to them and showed them he was alive and promised them that they would rise too.

In the Second Glorious Mystery, we watch Jesus going up into heaven to return as a hero to his true home. Before he left, he promised his friends that he would prepare a place for them there.
The Third Glorious Mystery tells the story of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus sent from heaven to lead people in this life and into the next life.

The Fourth Glorious Mystery is about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. He loved her so much that he brought her to heaven immediately after she died. We say that Mary was assumed -- brought up -- to heaven so that she could be with her Son.

The Fifth Glorious Mystery pictures Mary being crowned by Jesus as queen of the angels and saints in heaven. Jesus honored her because she was a person who had great faith.

The Glorious Mysteries say: Someday God will invite you to heaven. There, Jesus has a place for you. He sends you the Holy Spirit who leads you there. Our lives don't end in death, in a grave. God gives us a new life that never ends. And that life is more beautiful than we can ever imagine. What's the most wonderful thing you can think about having today? It's not anything like what you will experience with Jesus in heaven. Besides Jesus, so many of those you love will be there. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, will be there with you too.

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