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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tips to Happiness

Enjoy Greater Happiness
Are you consistently happy, except for those rare occasions when a tragedy impacts you or your loved ones? Or are you one of the millions who are so focused on getting through the day that periods of happiness are far too seldom?
It is so ironic that the more we learn, frequently the more elusive is true lasting happiness.
Many a young child is happier than their parents.
Polls on what adults want most in life frequently cite happiness as one of the things most desired. Yet for many, happiness remains so elusive. It need not be. You can choose to be happy for the rest of your life. Yes, happiness is a choice.
Enjoying Greater Happiness Is A Choice. Choose Carefully.
Six keys to your more consistently being happy:
1. Be at peace
Peace is the foundation for everything. Without a foundation of peace, your pursuit of happiness is likely to be centered on the pursuit of pleasure, as opposed to real, continuous happiness. Such pursuit will undoubtedly leave you less than happy as you will be forever seeking more periods of pleasure thereby exposing yourself to ever more after effects of pleasure. Real happiness, for you, will most likely come when you are centered, at peace with yourself and with all others in the world. So the journey to a lifetime of happiness begins with your learning how to more often exist in a state of peace and harmony.
2. Understand the difference between happiness and pleasure
Pleasure is a short term feeling of delight. Unfortunately, the momentary delight is often coupled with extended periods of negative consequences.
That deluxe chocolate sundae provides some moments of delight, but is followed by destructive after effects (high sugar levels and ultimately weight gain). The �buzz of alcohol can provide momentary delight, but is followed by potentially enormous negative consequences (even perhaps death).
Contrast pleasure to happiness, which is a state of mind. When was the last time you heard of anyone experiencing problems from being too happy. Because so many confuse pleasure with happiness, we are a society with serious (pleasure) addiction problems. Make the choice to pursue happiness, rather than pleasures with their inevitable consequences.
3. Stay away from people who are continually unhappy
Misery loves company. And, miserable people love to have others join in their misery. Make a conscious effort to build relationships with people who are happy. Whenever possible, put some distance between yourself and those who are less than happy (unless, of course, they are genuinely seeking your help in becoming happy).
4. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you
There is so much beauty in the world. All around us, we are surrounded by a portrait that is rich in visual images. Pity the blind who cannot see this portrait. But if you have vision, what is your excuse for not seeing this beauty?
5. Share your life
Life was meant to be shared. So many of life�s beautiful experiences are even richer when the experience is shared with another person. When was the last time you walked a beach with someone special in your life? Or contemplated the heaven above and the miracle of the galaxy? When was the last time you built a sand castle with a youngster? As you contemplate the answer to these questions, remember that friendship is a gift you give yourself. What you give to another determines what you will receive back.
6. Exercise your laugh
There have been numerous studies proving the benefits of regularly experiencing laughter. Free yourself to laugh. Not at the cruel jokes that poke viscous fun at others. But at life�s funnies. Things that occur in your life. Things that you do that turn out different than you intended. Like the double scoop of ice scream that falls from your cone and plops on your shoes as you walk out of the ice cream store. Instead of getting angry at the ice cream server, permit yourself to laugh at yourself. You just gave some of your friends and neighbors, even some strangers, a moment of levity in a world far, far too serious.
Follow these six steps, every day for the rest of your life, and you can attain a level of happiness far beyond what most experience. Yes, happiness is a choice. Make the choice to be happy for the rest of your life.

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