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Friday, March 2, 2012

Quotations About Sports

Many continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game. ~George Mikes

Cricket - a game which the English, not being a spiritual people, have invented in order to give themselves some conception of eternity. ~Lord Mancroft

Oh God, if there be cricket in heaven, let there also be rain. ~Alec Douglas

Cricket is baseball on valium. ~Robin Williams

Life is simply a cricket match, with temptation as the bowler. ~Author Unknown

If horses can't eat it, I won't play on it. ~Dick Allen

Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever. ~Author Unknown

Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit. ~Author Unknown

Losers quit when they're tired. Winners quit when they've won. ~Author Unknown

The ball is man's most disastrous invention, not excluding the wheel. ~Robert Morley, 1965

Every day you guys look worse and worse. And today you played like tomorrow. ~John Mariucci

The Russians have a weapon that can wipe out two hundred eighty thousand Americans. That puts them exactly ten years behind Howard Cosell. ~Red Smith

Motor racing's less of a sport these days than a commercial break doing 150 mph. ~Peter Dunne, 1992

Sport is a preserver of health. ~Hippocrates

All a manager has to do is keep eleven players happy - the eleven in the reserves. The first team are happy because they are in the first team. ~Rodney Marsh, 1979

Unlike any other business in the United States, sports must preserve an illusion of perfect innocence. The mounting of this illusion defines the purpose and accounts for the immense wealth of American sports. It is the ceremony of innocence that the fans pay to see - not the game or the match or the bout, but the ritual portrayal of a world in which time stops and all hope remains plausible, in which everybody present can recover the blameless expectations of a child, where the forces of light always triumph over the powers of darkness. ~Lewis H. Lapham

The finish line is sometimes merely the symbol of victory. All sorts of personal triumphs take place before that point, and the outcome of the race may actually be decided long before the end. ~Laurence Malone

It's not whether you win or lose - but whether I win or lose. ~Sandy Lyle

I'm fanatical about sport: there seems to me something almost religious about the fact that human beings can organise play, the spirit of play. ~Simon Gray

Squash is boxing with racquets. ~Jonah Barrington

Crystallizing my feelings about the game, I find that squash is less frustrating than golf, less fickle than tennis. It is easier than badminton, cheaper than polo. It is better exercise than bowls, quicker than cricket, less boring than jogging, drier than swimming, safer than hang gliding. ~John Hopkins

My only feeling about superstition is that it's unlucky to be behind at the end of the game.~Duffy Daugherty

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