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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Nature, the Gentlest Mother, is Impatient of no Child . . . ~ Emily Dickinson
When a girl sits on the seashore, the waves do not try to slap her around. When a boy wanders alone in a field, the sky does not accuse him of talking back.
When a man is alone in the woods, does the earth nag him for failing once more? And when a woman is alone in the park, does the wind whisper behind her back?
Nature never blames or condemns: she gives us freedom of thought and plenty of space. Nature�s ways are proven and true; she lets us grow at our own rate.
Nature brings us sleep, dawn, new days; she is full of new life. We are a part of nature, and everything we do is part of it.
We can find comfort in this knowledge, if we take the time to remember it when we are feeling bad. Nature is always willing to share its serenity.

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