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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life Isn’t Always Fair

Life deals more rigorously with some than others. � Lewis F. Presnall
How often do we think about a friend, He sure is lucky! And probably just as often we say to ourselves, Why did that happen to me? It�s not fair!
The truth is, life isn�t always fair. We don�t all get the same experiences, the same lessons. But we each learn what we need to learn in order to fulfill our destiny.
We have to learn to trust.
Maybe a bike gets stolen or a friend moves away. It�s not easy to accept such things as these, but we must all learn to understand and accept losses in our lives.
Perhaps we fail a test. The lesson we learn from this may be to study harder or to consider a different course of study in school. There are always reasons for why things happen, but we don�t have to know them.
One must lose one�s life in order to find it. � Anne Morrow Lindbergh
We are often so busy trying to control the outcome of the happenings in our daily lives, so intent on projecting our tomorrows, that we let life slip by.
Life is today. This is all we have for sure � the moments in our lives we cannot hold.
Sometimes it feels as if those moments are beyond time and place, gifts from God to receive and give up at the same time.
Like a dragonfly that lights on our hand and will either be crushed or will fly away if we try to close our fingers over it.
Life is a series of things to let go of � our friends and loved ones, our children as they grow, our dreams, or our youth.
Only we ourselves, our inner selves, are a constant to be found and learned about every day, in the present moment.

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