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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pen Friends

Pen friend, also known popularly as Pen Pals is quite a popular way to make new friends. Pen friendship is developed when people write to each other regularly through postal mail. It was a popular means of making friends in different parts of the world before internet came into seen. Pen pals are more or less like e-friends. Mostly, pen friendship aims at learning other cultures, different lifestyles and to even get rid of loneliness. Some pen friends write each other regularly and in due course also meet up. Others remain pen friends forever, exchanging letters and gifts every now and then but never meet. Some pen pals eventually lose touch and their friendship doesn't last long. In case you are unaware about how to make pen pals, read on.

How To Make A Pen Friend?

The easiest way to make pen pals is by joining a pen pal friendship club. There are many such clubs that offer pen friendship all over the world. You can choose your own age group, occupations, hobby, likes and dislikes or even choose someone from a totally different environment and culture. You can gain much broader understanding of the world and numerous cultures it abounds in by joining a pen pal network.

A more modern version of pen friendship is e-friendship. To save time and energy, pen pals these days exchange letters and cards over the internet. It not only saves time but also money and energy. It makes conversation much more immediate and fast. One doesn't have to wait forever for the traditional snail mail to arrive. Online pen friendship is quite popular these days and is being followed by many people these days. It is the newest way to make friends.

Tips For Making Pen Pals
  • Do not make pen pals randomly. Choose friends in accordance to your hobbies, occupation, and culture.
  • Do not preferably give your personal address; you can post letters through mail box numbers, which you can get in any post office.
  • Do not divulge very personal information in the initial stages of friendship. Restrict your friendship to the professional front only.
  • Make sure you do not get overindulged in this friendship; decide a fix interval for posting a letter to your pen pal.
  • Do not accept the proposal of meeting very early. In case you can’t wait to meet take some trustworthy personal along with you.
  • Do not send your or your family members’ photographs in the very beginning of your friendship.
  • Do not disclose your financial details specially the PIN number of your ATM or bank account details.
  • If you feel that he/she is not the right personal to be in touch with you can always stop replying and disconnect all the contacts. You can also simply write a letter quoting ‘non-compatibility’ factor and then discontinue writing him.

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