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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saare Jahaan Se Achha Song

The Indians celebrate the enforcement of the Constitution as Republic Day on January 26th every year. India became a totally sovereign, democratic and republic state on this day in 1950. This day is commemorated to remember the freedom fighters and great leaders of our country. A massive parade is taken out at the Rajpath in New Delhi. Melodious patriotic songs filled with love and patriotism are played on this day. 'Saare Jahaan Se Achha' is a well-known poem written by Urdu poet, Muhammad Iqbal. Though written in the ghazal style, this poem went ahead to become the anthem of opposition for the British Rule. Quite an old song, it is still cherished and sung with the same devotion and energy in the hearts of Indians. This song is better known as "Tarana-e-Hindi" or "Anthem of the People of Hindustan". To know the lyrics of this song, go through the lines given herein. 

Saare Jahaan Se Achha Lyrics

sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara
hum bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara

ghurbat men hon agar ham, rahta hai dil vatan men
samjho vahin hamen bhi, dil hain jahan hamara

parbat voh sab se uncha, hamsaya asman ka
voh santari hamara, voh pasban hamara

godi men khelti hain is ki hazaron nadiya
gulshan hai jin ke dam se, rashk-e-janan hamara

aye ab, raud, ganga, voh din hen yad tujhko
utara tere kinare, jab karvan hamara

maz'hab nahin sikhata apas men bayr rakhna
hindvi hai ham, vatan hai hindostan hamara

yunan-o-misr-o-roma, sab mil gaye jahan se
ab tak magar hai baqi, nam-o-nishan hamara

kuch bat hai keh hasti, milati nahin hamari
sadiyon raha hai dushman, daur-e-zaman hamara

iqbal ko'i meharam, apna nahin jahan men
m'alum kya kisi ko, dard-e-nihan hamara

sare jahan se accha hindostan hamara

ham bulbulain hai is ki, yeh gulsitan hamara

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