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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Onam SMS

Onam is the state festival of Kerala. It is celebrated with immense joy and fervor in all the Malayalee families all over the world. It is ten days long festival in which the tenth day, Tiruvonam is regarded as the day of festivities and celebrations. People on this day celebrate this festival by community get together, feasts, cultural performances, playing various interesting games and exchanging good wishes. The most popular and easiest method of sending good wishes is through SMSes. If you also want to have a nice collection of Malayalee, English and Funny Onam SmES, you can select from the collection of messages given below.

Onam Text Messages

In Malayalam
  • Aishwaryavum, Samriddiyum Niranja nalla nalukal ennum undavatte oppam manassil snehathinte oru onam. HAPPY ONAM!
  • O--Rumayude
  • N--Naamayude
    Onam Varavayi
  • Nirapparayum nilavilakkum manasil orupidesnehavumaye ONAM varavaye ONASAMSAKAL!
  • Ormakal koodu koottiya manessinte thalir chillayil,niRamullaormakalumayi oru onam koodivaravayi HAPPY ONAM!
  • Maveli Nadu vaneedum Kalam Manusharellarum onnu pole... Wish you a blessed Onam!
  • Pookkalavum, pooviliyum, onakkodiyum, onasadhyayumayi oru onam koodi. Happy onam wishes from me!
In English
  • May this ONAM bring in u the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever wished for! Happy Onam!
  • Hereby wishing you, a Very happy Onam! Have a nice feast!
  • Wish you a prosperous, colorful, healthy, wealthy and Happy Onam !
  • May God bless you and fill your heart with joy & happiness. May the color and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. Have the most beautiful Onam.
  • May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere whatever you do, whatever you think whatever you hope in your life "Wish you a Happy Onam"
Funny Onam Text Messages
  • One blonde to another: Have you ever read Shakespeare?
  • Another Blonde: No! Who wrote it?!
    Keep Smiling…
    Happy Onam!
  • Think positive…
  • Look at the world as 1 huge chocolate cake.
    It would not be complete without a few sweets & nuts.
    Sweets like me & nuts like you!!!
    Enjoy Onam feast.  Happy Onam!
  • If I was an artist,
  • You would be my picture!
    If I was a poet,
    You would be my inspiration!
    If I was an author you would be my story!
    But I’ m only a cartoonist!
    Keep Laughing!
    Enjoy Onam!


Onam greetings said...

May the color and lights of Onam
fill your home with happiness and joy.
Have the most beautiful Onam!
Happy Onam to all!

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