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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kajari Purnima - Raksha Bandhan

Kajari Purnima Falls on the same day as Raksha Bandhan that is on the Shravan Purnima. This festival is mainly celebrated in the Central India that includes Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and part of Uttar Pradesh. Since this festival falls at the end of the monsoon season, it is of great importance to the farmers. 

On the ninth day after Shravana Amavasya, the preparations of the kajari festival start. This ninth day is called Kajari Navami. The rituals are performed by the ladies blessed with a son. The rituals continye till the Kajri Purnima or the full moon day. 

On the Shravan Shukla Navami, women go to fields and bring earth in the leaf cups. Leaf or barley is sown in it and kept in a dark room where no sunlight or fresh air reaches. The place where this leaf cup is kept and the surrounding walls are cleaned and washed with mud and cow dung. The place then is decorated patterns made by rice solution.The motifs are generally the house hold articles and activities. Figures of a house, a child in cradle, a mongoose and a woman with a pitcher are mandatory figures. This art of drawing with the rice solution on mud washed floor is called Navami. And then the cup is worshiped. 

The worship is repeated fot seven days till the full moon day. The evening of the full moon day has the final ritual. The women move out in procession carrying the leaf cups on their heads. They carry it to a pond or any other water body and immerse it. Women keep fast on this day and pray for the well being of their sons. 

The festival is of importance to the farmers as it signifies the beginning of the sowing season for wheat and barley. They worship Godess Bagwati and seek blessings for a good crop.

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