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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship Day Party Invitation

Friendship Day is a wonderful occasion for arranging friends' reunion. You may spend some quality time with all your friends on the day, by throwing an enthralling party. This way, you will get to refresh the memorable moments that you have shared with your pals. Friendship Day party is also an occasion to extend your sincere gratitude to your friends, for being an important part in your life. This year, throw a party with a lot of funny activities and games, so that your friends would remember the occasion for many years to come. The first thing to do, while planning a party is to send invitations. If you are confused about how to send party invitations to your friends, then go through the following lines.

Friendship Day Party Invitation
  • You should include all the basic details in your Friendship Day party invitation, in a very legible manner. The necessary details include date, time and venue of the party. You may also mention the theme chosen for the occasion, if any.
  • You may include the route map to your party venue, in case you are inviting those who are have not been to the place before. Additional details such as dress code may also be included in the invitation.
  • Do not forget to mention your name, address and contact number in your invitation. The information would help those party guests, who want to enquire about the venue or want to get inputs about the dress code, etc.
  • Be sure to send your invitation two weeks prior to the party, so that your guests plan their schedule accordingly.
  • Since the Friendship Day party would generally be an informal event, the font you choose for the invitation should be casual.
  • The content provided in the invitation should not be too formal, because your guests-list would include your pals. Be casual; at the same time provide the details very precisely.
  • Apart from sending the invitation in the traditional way, you may also opt for the electronic methods of inviting your friends to the Friendship Day party. One such way is to send SMS text messages. You may forward a short and crisp message to your friends, announcing the date, time, venue and theme of your Friendship Day party.
  • Another option is to forward an e-mail to your friends, regarding the party. This method shall be applied, when you do not have the postal address of your friends. This way, you would be able to invite a number of friends at a time. You may scan the invitation card and then send it as an attachment. In case you are inviting close friends, you may write a simple e-mail.
  • You may opt for the electronic methods of sending invitations to your friends, in case you are inviting them to the party at the last moment.

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