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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friendship Day Party Food

Friendship Day is dedicated to commemorate the divine relationship shared by friends. To enjoy the day to the fullest, many people arrange enthralling parties. They would make it a point that their party guests (their beloved friends) are entertained and that the occasion remains memorable for a long time. For the purpose, they would ensure that the taste buds of the pals are satisfied. If you are also want to organize a party for your friends, then you would have to decide a number of things, including the food. In this article, check out some bright ideas for Friendship Day party food.

Friendship Day Party Menu Ideas

  • You may include crunchy finger foods, such as sandwich, potato French fries, caramel or butter popcorn, cheese puffs, chicken bites, salted peanuts, as the starter for your Friendship Day party menu. Ensure that you provide two or three varieties of starter. Provide suitable choices of sauces and dips, with the starters.
  • Make sure that the main course dishes you choose suit the general tastes and preferences of your party guests. You may include pasta, noodles, fried or steamed rice, casserole dishes, for your party. Provide suitable side dishes to the main course food. Ensure that the main course is not too heavy, because after having food, your guests would head towards the dance floor.
  • As dessert items, you may include pudding (of one or two flavors), ice creams or brownies. Cupcakes and pies can also be served as the dessert items to your guests, on Friendship Day party. Be sure to provide a couple of options for each dessert item.
  • In all the four categories of the menu, make sure that you provide vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian recipes. By doing this, you will not intimidate your guests to choose something that doesn't suit their taste.
  • The choice of drinks for Friendship Day party depends upon the age group of your guests. For instance, if all of you have just graduated from school, it is advisable not to include hard drinks in the menu. In such a case, you may restrict your beverages to soft drinks such as colas, fruit punch and milk shakes.
  • As far as shakes are concerned, you may provide at least two to three varieties to your guests. The most common flavors chosen for shakes served on Friendship Day party are chocolate and strawberry. You may also bring in difference to the flavors.
  • Mocktails are a hit amongst the teen parties. In this case, you may provide a couple of varieties of mocktails, to your party guests.
  • When it comes to college parties, no body can resist cock tails. Tequila and vodka mixed with orange juice are hit amongst the college goers. Make sure that you have provided two or more choices for your guests.

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