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Friday, July 6, 2012

Siddharth Anand Biography

Siddharth is pursuing his graduation from Delhi University(India).He has multiple interests and hobbies and wants to explore all dimensions of his being. He has written a collection of 150 poems and also paints. Some abstact art can be found on his website.With that he is also a model and has also done a music video.With that he has also won many university level debates in India. He also works as a Voice and Accent Trainer and is a professional anchor. 

Those Who Write Poetry 

This is a collection of 5 poems with a inspirational theme and a spiritual background. 
Life comes just once and to make the most of it we have to live in harmony with natural laws and love, how we deal with today’s challenges and the way we face them will determine our future 
This poetry is basically about inspiring the reader to realize his potentiality, live by love and to never give up. 
It is also about hope and a positive, life affirming way of life, that’s why I believe: 

There Are Those Who Try; 
And Die Trying. 

And those who Cry; 
And Die Crying. 

And Then 
There Are 
Who Write Poetry… 

Siddharth Anand

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