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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Goddess in the Wood by Rupert Brooke

In a flowered dell the Lady Venus stood,
Amazed with sorrow. Down the morning one 
Far golden horn in the gold of trees and sun 
Rang out; and held; and died.… She thought the wood 
Grew quieter. Wing, and leaf, and pool of light
Forgot to dance. Dumb lay the unfalling stream; 
Life one eternal instant rose in dream 
Clear out of time, poised on a golden height.… 

Till a swift terror broke the abrupt hour.
The gold waves purled amidst the green above her;
And a bird sang. With one sharp-taken breath, 
By sunlit branches and unshaken flower, 
The immortal limbs flashed to the human lover, 
And the immortal eyes to look on death.

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