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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Mother Love for Child

A mother forgives the wrong.
A mother forgets transgressions.

A mother is always there.
A mother always watches out for her young.

A mother loves so strongly.
A mother has a love that is deep.

A mother understands like no other.
A mother gives advice when none is asked.

A mother knows when her young are upset.
A mother gives like no other.

A mother remembers the important things.
A mother protects her young.

A mother rebukes, but not to harshly.
A mother cares.

A mother is a mother like no other.
Thank you mom for just being you.

I am Qalme Tari Mistress of Death Nat. Norville.
Cretics Welcome. 
By Athena Goddess of Wisdom Lumis Light to all

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