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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Future's Request for Mother

I'm a child who's not yet born
Hoping for mercy
For a sunrise sight
Not a land of calamity

Oh mother! Oh mother!
Would you leave a little please
A piece of bread, a home
Even just sights of blue seas

I want to experience life
With mountains to climb up
With waves hard crashing
With no one who could stop

Oh Mother! Oh Mother!
The land I wanna see
With the sky of only hope
Of the birds flying free

The circle of life
I still want to be in
Life's up and down moments
I don't want to be missin'

Oh Mother! Oh Mother!
I beg you my mother
Nature, Humanity
They can't take it any longer

I don't want to be unborn
I want to use the time given
Search for the master's plan
For my life not to be taken

Oh Mother! Oh Mother!
Cross not the line finish
Remember the one's next
Don't force this land to perish 
By Lorena Lalen Cruz

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