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Monday, July 30, 2012


To my mother

She is young and always strong

She is wise and clever in this land

Her crown is bright and voice so sweet

Her land is full of glee and peace

She is my mother, She is my mother

Her heart is strong and mighty to devils

Her hands are soft and nice to her kids

Her laugh is terror to the violent and the croocks

Her smile is gentle to each of us.

She is my Mother, She is my mother

She is pretty with three oceans,

She is strong with high hill as the wall

she is great with her land and sky,

She is beautiful with the garden on the earth

She is my mother, She is my mother

Her sword is razor-sharp to win battles

Her children are brave and lion-hearted

Her hearth gives the warmth of peace and love

Her will is strong to face the world

She is my mother, She is my mother 

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