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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Man I Am and Man Would Be, Love by Robert Browning

Man I am and man would be, Love--merest man and nothing more. 
Bid me seem no other! Eagles boast of pinions--let them soar! 
I may put forth angel's plumage, once unmanned, but not before. 

Now on earth to stand suffices,--nay, if kneeling serves, to kneel: 
Here you front me, here I find the all of heaven that earth can feel: 
Sense looks straight,--not over,under,--perfect sees beyond appeal. 

Good you are and wise, full circle: what to me were more outside? 
Wiser wisdom, better goodness? Ah, such want the angel's wide 
Sense to take and hold and keep them! Mine at least has never tried.

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