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Sunday, July 1, 2012

From The Short Story Shadow-Children by Louisa May Alcott

Little shadows, little shadows 
Dancing on the chamber wall, 
While I sit beside the hearthstone
Where the red flames rise and fall. 
Caps and nightgowns, caps and nightgowns, 
My three antic shadows wear; 
And no sound they make in playing, 
For the six small feet are bare. 

Dancing gayly, dancing gayly, 
To and fro all together, 
Like a family of daisies 
Blown about in windy weather; 
Nimble fairies, nimble fairies, 
Playing pranks in the warm glow, 
While I sing the nursery ditties 
Childish phantoms love and know. 

Now what happens, now what happens? 
One small shadow's tumbled down: 
I can see it on the carpet 
Softly rubbing its hurt crown. 
No one whimpers, no one whimpers; 
A brave-hearted sprite is this: 
See! the others offer comfort 
In a silent, shadowy kiss. 

Hush! they're creeping; hush! they're creeping, 
Up about my rocking-chair: 
I can feel their loving fingers 
Clasp my neck and touch my hair. 
Little shadows, little shadows, 
Take me captive, hold me tight, 
As they climb and cling and whisper, 
"Mother dear, good night! good night!"

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