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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rudolph Christmas Crafts

The celebrations of Christmas are marked by feasting, singing songs and carols, cooking, decorating the tree and home and making beautiful crafts. Talking about the crafts, maximum of them are made to serve as embellishments for Christmas tree and wreath. The decorative items can also be used to decorate home and premises. Most of the ornaments are centered on legendary characters associated with the festival of Christmas, some of the most popular being Santa Claus and his red nosed reindeer called 'Rudolph'.

The well known Santa Claus's reindeer is characterized by red nose and big bright eyes. Rudolph crafts attract the small kids, as it is one of their favorite legendary characters. Reindeer craft can be made with almost out of anything, depending on your creativity. You may make use of googly eyes, a red pom pom, a red berry or ball for a nose and antlers that can be fashioned out of wire, hanger or even a handprint of a child cut out and painted brown. If you want to make this famous character of Santa, then go through the article. Check out the instructions given for making Rudolf craft.

Rudolf Christmas Craft Ideas
  • Little tots can help you make a reindeer by attaching eyes, antlers and nose on a hanger wire folded as a reindeer's face. This would make a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree or for holiday wreath hung on the door.
  • Stick a small red pom pom on the corner of the dog biscuit for a nose, eyes. You may make use of pipe cleaners or chenille sticks to make antlers and Rudolph's face. For a finishing touch, add a magnet strip to its back. Now, let the kids catch as many Rudolph as they can with a fishing rod with a magnet at the end, within a specified time and the one who catches the most is the winner. It is a great game Christmas kids party.
  • You may make use of Rudolph name tags to write your Christmas greeting and messages and stick them to the gifts for your near and dear.
  • Fun activities for kids on Christmas can include making the Rudolf using their hand and foot prints. Take their footprint on a paper. Now, cover the toe side with bow for Rudolph. This shall serve as the reindeer's face. Now, add eyes and nose to the face, by taking the heel side as the head of the reindeer. Take the handprints of the child to form the antlers of the face. Now, paint it with appropriate colors and cut it out. You can use it on gift wraps and Christmas decorations.
  • Another way to make Rudolph using just one handprint is to take it with all the fingers and thumb, fully stretched. Now, turn it upside down. The fingers will make the legs and you can fashion the side face from the thumb by adding the red nose at its end. Add one eye to it as it is the side face and you can even put a few beads to show the neck of the reindeer.

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