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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Bells

The festive season of Christmas is a wonderful occasion for decorating homes and premises and to enjoy the chilly winter, with loved ones. During the season, people would make themselves busy by doing a number of activities that revolve around the festival of Christmas. These may include making scrumptious cakes and other delicacies, cleaning and decoration of homes and premises and adoring Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. Christmas ornaments of varying sizes, shapes, colors and price range are available in the stores, during the holiday season. Out of the embellishments used for Christmas decorations, bell and ball ornaments stand out. Jingle bells can be used to adorn almost any part of the home. They can also be hung on Christmas tree. Go through the following lines to know more about Christmas bells.

Christmas Bell Decorations

  • You may use jingle bells extensively, to decorate your homes and premises, including doorstep, entranceway, lawn, backyard, windows and interiors, during the festival of Christmas.
  • Tie a bunch of jingle bells to your door knob. The tinkling sound of bells would be very pleasing to the ears, every time the door is opened or closed. In addition, it would attract the instant attention of your Christmas time visitors.
  • Take a red or green colored satin ribbon and tie a couple of jingle bells to it. Now, hang the tied jingle bells on your Christmas tree. Ensure that the length of the ribbon is just appropriate for the tree. Moreover, the bunch of bells should not be a burden for the branches of the tree. Apart from ribbon, you may also make use of tinsel string to tie the Christmas bells.
  • Tiny jingle bells tied together in a circle of wire would make a unique Christmas wreath for your front door. Decorate the wreath with a ribbon, to give the finishing touch to it.
  • It would be surprising to know that a tiny jingle bell can also be used as a pin for Christmas clothes. All you need to do is take a safety pin and tie the jingle bell with the pin. You may also use it to decorate your Christmas hat. Using it as a hair decoration is another good idea.
  • Add a small ornament with a tiny jingle bell to make a beautiful embellishment for your Christmas tree. Hang the ornament on the branches of your tree.
  • A unique way to make use of Christmas bells as embellishments for the tree is to make a string of bells and place them around the tree skirt.
  • You may also make a string of jingle bells, by tying them together with a string. Use the string of jingle bells to decorate the stairway. This is a nice idea to welcome your Christmas visitors.

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