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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Wreath Storage

Wreath is an integral part of the decorations used for Christmas. They are used for adorning the homes and premises. While Christmas tree is preserved for reusing for more than one time, it is hard to find people storing their wreaths, in order to use for the next season. Not many people are aware about the proper way of Christmas wreath storage. For them, it is an intimidating task to keep the wreaths in proper shape, ensure its permanence, keep it clean and undamaged. If stored properly, wreaths can be reused for at least the next couple of years, which will in turn help you save a lot of money. In case, you don't have ideas for storing your Christmas wreath, read the tips given in the following lines to know how to store Christmas wreaths.

Storage Of Christmas Wreath
  • One of the best and ideal ways to store Christmas wreath is to use the same box in which it came in. Keep the bubble wrap inside the box. When you take down your decorations, pack the wreath inside the bubble wrap, put it in the box and seal the lid with a tape.
  • You may buy plastic storage bags in which the wreath can be packed securely. After putting the wreath in the storage bag, hang it somewhere in your store room, with the help of a hook. This will save a lot of storage space and ensure the safety of the wreath, stored inside the box. Ensure that the wall, on which you hang the bag, is free of moisture.
  • Shoe boxes can be used to store Christmas wreaths. Clean the box, make a layer of cotton wool inside, pack the wreath in a newspaper and place it inside the box. Seal the box with a lid and fasten with a tape.
  • Storage boxes for Christmas wreath are also available in the market. They are manufactured especially to suit the varying needs of the customers. Look for a storage box that is a perfect fit for your Christmas wreath. Pack the wreath the same way, as you did while storing it in a shoe box.
  • In case you have to pack more than one wreath, wrap them up individually in newspapers. You can also make use of acid free tissue papers for the purpose. Place them in a box in a vertical "standing" position. This way, you don't have to pack them in many different boxes. Moreover, you can save a lot of storage space as well.
  • Make sure that you take all the little ornaments, decorative pieces and sequins off the wreath, before packing it. This ensures that the wreath is not damaged and the decorative pieces remain undeterred as well. Consider packing the ornaments separately in smaller boxes, so that they are also protected.

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