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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Making Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are one of the most important parts of the decorations for the festival of Christmas. Wreaths come in all different shapes and sizes as well as varying price ranges. While many prefer purchasing wreaths from the shop, others make their own wreaths, thus going a step further to make Christmas even more special. Many people prefer handmade or homemade Christmas wreaths, largely because the option easily fits into the pocket, as the expenses for decorative items for the festival are increasing year by year. If you have also decided to make the celebrations of the festival a bit frugal this season, then check out the article. We have provided instructions that will help you learn how to make Christmas wreath, very easily.

How To Make Christmas Wreath
  • First, collect all the things that you need to make a Christmas wreath. For a basic wreath, you will need fresh green twigs/branches, small flowers, ribbons, wire coat hangers, transparent tape, floral wire or any thin wire, and ornaments such as ball, bell and clothespin embellishments.
  • Arrange all the supplies needed for the wreath on a table, so that you get what you need without hassles. First, make the base of the wreath with the help of wire coat hangers. Let the hook remain as it is and bend the wire in a way that it forms a circle.
  • Next, get fresh thin green branches or twigs that are at least 8-10 inches long. It is better if they are fresh, since they would be set around the wire base. Dry branches will crack or break. Some of the good options are fir, pine and redwood.
  • By using small and even clusters of the aforementioned branches, set them around the thin wire base with the help of thin wire. Use tape strategically, if they tend to stick out too much. Keep adding branches until the base is covered entirely.
  • Place little flowers at equal distances from each other and fasten them with the wire. Small lilies and other wild flowers would best serve the purpose.
  • Allow the wreath to settle down a bit and then proceed with the decorations. To make sure your decorations look elegant, hang the wreath in front of you, on a wall. Thereafter, decide where the bows, sequins, glitter should be placed.
  • After you are done with the decorations, hang the Christmas wreath on your front door and see whether all the ornaments have been inserted at the right place of the decorative item. To give a neat touch to the wreath, add a satin bow at its top.
  • You may add a couple of twigs of mistletoe to the Christmas wreath. In this case, you would not require a satin or silk bow, as the mistletoe would provide the perfect traditional finishing touch to your handmade Christmas wreath.

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