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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Every time I open my eye I see changes in my surrounding as every thing made are to unmade and vice-versa. I never understand the world and its stuff. What are they up to? Why are they and for what they are running. It’s always a mystery “What Is” and “Why”. No one can answer or I am not able to realize the answer. Whatever but there is something that every living creature is stirring? I am also moving every time but I do not understand why I am moving. What makes me running every time? If it is for continued existence then I don’t have to run impatiently every time then, why?
“No one is greater than me neither small” then why there is always struggle here. Is it for existence? Or People want to show dominance. Why? Everyone has to depart this world and we are simply in journey point as human. We do not know from where we came and where are we going then why people can’t live blissfully? We are in an infinite journey, no one knows what is the destination or destiny then………….?
This is one life where we get chance to live. I think animal are living there life properly. They do not have any extra burden in their life; they just live and let live others. We can’t see any type of interference they made to others. If we think they kill other, which is how Mother Nature made them. We also killed them, just for entertainment and in name of our hobby. People kept them and tell other that he/she love pet but anytime do we think that we are abusing their right? They are not supposed to be petted, they are here to live their life independently and blissfully but unfortunately they are kept and tied with chain. Do we ever think that are they happy with it or not?
We self nominated us as most intelligent animal in planet and  are showing  the proof :  we reached to moon, we conquered   Mount Everest, We get down to deepest part in earth, We made Atomic Energy, We made the world best place to live, we are trying to get out of this galaxy, we do this and that and so on. But anytime do we feel, are we doing right thing? The entire things that we used to say we did are gift of Mother Nature. We haven’t done anything beyond that have in the nature and we are not able to do. So that there is nothing to think that we did that or we are going to do this. These all things are in nature and we are destroying our nature in the means of development. This is simply madness to know the reality so the people are abusing the nature and this is sure we will destroy our world ourselves.
Now lets talk about Selfishness, “Every Creature in this universe are selfish, If someone think that they are not they are not thinking properly” I can see selfishness in Buddha, Gandhi, Teresa, Nightingale and in every creature. If you read this and you can say me crazy. I know, you are thinking How can these people can be selfish? Buddha has left his palace and kingdom, Gandhi has given his whole life to freed India, Teresa donate her whole life to the Poor and people living with leprosy, Similarly Nightingale serve as nurse in a war and saved many. You are right! They have done noble job towards human kind and in return they never asked anything with people. So, how can they be selfish? Then why do they do all this, Have you ever think?   The answer I think is for satisfaction. Similarly, every living creature does everything for satisfaction. Everyone’s ultimate goal in life is to get satisfaction. I do the job for earning and from earning I can fulfil my needs and when I fulfil my needs I got satisfaction. Until I am not satisfied I will do more work to fulfil my needs and my selfishness is also the satisfaction. Every living creature does everything for their satisfaction. Thief Theft, robber robbed, killer kills, worshipping god and so on. People earning million/month and who earn thousand/month if they both are satisfied then there is no difference in both. If million earning is not satisfied and thousand earning person is satisfied then thousand earning person is successful. Anything people do is for satisfaction and so it’s only state of mind that makes people successful and satisfied. So People always do anything for their satisfaction which I believe.
Answer, which I haven’t got in my student life, is “Why to Study?” I frequently used to ask the question to my teachers, parents and other elder people whom I think are fine to answer but sorry to say everyone used to give same nature of answer “To become a successful person, To become a good human being, To become a great in your field and so on” which never pleased me and in the eye of those people I was never good student and was not good student in Mark-Sheet either. After their reply I used to ask that, then show me data which show person who study are successful and who don’t study are failure in their life, after that no one have answer.
I tried hard to discover the answer but I am not sure what I set up is true or not, I think there is no Teacher who can teach. I believe that no one can teach nobody, everyone have to study on their own and have their own university. There can be only guide who can show the path and can say only ” I have reached there from this mode but I am not sure whether you can reach there or not but I have used this way”, No one know the world and what is exact or immoral its only depend on state of mind of every creature.
If someone can be teacher, why every student can’t do well? So I think that “every one has to fight their own battle”, No one can help.

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