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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chicken or Egg?

A friend of mine once asked, “Ok! answer me. Chicken or Egg?”. In reply  I asked, “You mean for Breakfast, or Lunch?”. The friend rephrased the question , “What came first? The chicken or the Egg?”.
“Do you want the answer or an insight?”, I bounced the ball back into his court.
Some questions never have answers, in other-words, people never find them.
I have never been motivated to find the answer for that question, but I have questioned myself a million times, why do people ask such questions at the first place. What are they going to do if they find the answer? And, how would they know? Gradually, I came to realize that it’s not the answer that’s important.
Chicken, and Egg are part of my everyday meal. And, other than finding that my meal tastes good, I would not care any less as to what came first.
I have a bunch of vegetarian and vegan friends; they’re never concerned about the question either.
The real thing they want to know when they ask the question is how did the chicken-egg, or egg-chicken cycle start at the first place. Well, I believe anything good or bad that happened with some success has a tendency to repeat itself over and over again.
I guess, the momentum multiples itself after the first event of success which later, is named a cycle when it repeats itself.
Any attempt to answer the question only pushes me to dwell further into a series of other questions; What if the first egg cracked before truning into the chicken? What if the Chicken died before producing the egg?
Where did the chicken find a mate to produce the egg? So, it is no more chicken or egg question now. Either there should have been a chicken and a chicken mate for there to be the first egg. Or, were there 2 egg metamorphosis that produced two chicken mates.
The best part of the question is, the insight to the possible answer is far more delighting than finding the answer.
That’s when I realize the answers to the evolution being more evolutionary than the real evolution itself.

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