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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Man and the little boy

This man was working with Himachal forest department. And he used to get frequent transfers to new places. Once he got transferred to place near Chamba. This place is very beautiful and is mostly wrapped under woods throughout the year.  He got an accommodation in 2 storied apartment quiet near to his office.
Few days passed and one day this man had a dream, in his dream he saw a little stranger boy of age around 5 yrs is lying next to him in his bed and he is holding a hand ball.  This boy asked the man whether he would like to play with him. The man agrees and took this small boy to the roof top and starts playing with him. After sometime he hears a scream of that boy and that boy diminishes in the dream. Suddenly the man anxiously got up from his dream. He looked around as if the boy was really there with him, but felt relaxed after he found nothing and thought it was just a dream.
Next morning when he was rushing for his office the person who is staying on the 2nd floor asked that what he was doing on the roof top in midnight. The man got a shock after listening this and got little frightened, though he didn’t say anything to that man and rushed quickly from there. Whole day he was contemplating as what would have happened. Finally he gave himself a piece of relief that he must have walked in his dream or may be that person is playing a prank on him.
This night even though a lot of thoughts were going inside his mind but he was trying to stay calm and let go that dream. Finally he was able to sleep. But again he had a dream. And He sees that boy again; standing and crying near to his room and the boy starts coming closer and closer to him and the man sees that the boy is bleeding as well. The boy was looking dreadful. He suddenly got up from his dream and felt some noise outside his room towards the main door. He switched on the lights, put on his glasses, looked all around but found nothing. He thought that it is just an illusion again as he was thinking of that dream and boy again and again the whole day. But somewhere he had some doubts in his mind but he was giving fine clearances to himself.
Now the next night he didn’t get the dream of that boy and could sleep profoundly. He got a respite that those dreams were nothing but bad and silly nightmares only. He passed his whole day peacefully in his new office with new responsibilities and meeting with new people. He came late in the evening after having party with his Department people. He got very tired and felt asleep, without imagining that this will going to be his worst night of his entire life. That boy again came into his dream and he sees that the boy is sitting on him on his belly and keeping his hand ball on his (man’s) chest. Boy’s eyes and forehead are bleeding badly. The man couldn’t breathe and he woke up scared. The moment he opened his eyes got a thunderstruck to see the boy actually sitting on him and he could touch his (boy’) hair and body. Not only this, there was blood on his bed. The man’s whole body started trembling` and And he tried to run but he was unable to do so as this boy became much more heavier than he looked. After trying very hard, he ran away from there, called one of his friends. His friend took him to his place.
This time the man was sure that this is not just a nightmare, but there is something wrong with the house.  Next day he decided to leave the home but before that he decided to uncover the matter. He started finding out with the neighbors and the families residing near to his place and then finally he got to know that there used to live a happy couple few years back. They blessed with a baby boy after very long time. They were living a happy life. The person was an air force pilot and suddenly one day he died in some plane crash. At that time his son was 5 years old only. So his wife started working to run his home. She kept a maid to take care of his home. This maid was very tricky and many times used to steal many things from house. One day this maid along with her husband made a plan to run away with all the money and precious possessions in the house. While they were stealing all the stuff, the boy who was playing out came inside his mother room and after seeing cash and jewellry with them, told them that he will call his mother and then police will take them. They thrashed him badly and he started bleeding. The boy started crying and screaming loudly so they tied his hands and legs with a rope, locked his mouth with sticky tape and kept the boy in the storeroom and closed it from outside. They stole all the stuff and ran away. The little boy was in his extreme pains couldn’t help himself and after sometime he died there only. Her mother became insane after this incident and she also left that place after sometime. After that two families did come to stay in this house but they too found something wrong in the house and left it immediately.
It is believed that the boy’s spirit is still wandering there in that house. Few people have seen that boy playing with his ball on rooftop or outside that house in midnight with blood in his body and many times strange screams of that same boy are still heard and felt by people staying nearby.

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