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Monday, May 7, 2012

love@ SBS

First Part
The SBS Mess, 8: 30 Pm
After Such a long and hectic day, I entered the mess for having my dinner. Though I was not so much fond of eating in the mess but today I was in no mood to go outside, so for sake of going outside I bought a coupon, took the meal in the plate sat on the corner table, adjacent to the LCD TV.
“Yaar! There’s a presentation tomorrow and I was totally unaware of it. I am not at all prepared for it”, the girl sitting on the table next to me said to her friend.
“Hey! Whose presentation? I mean which topic and subject”, the girl sitting next to her asked.
“Marketing…Ramashashtry Sir”, the girl replied, one could have easily estimated the amount of fear she had on her face.
“O God! That means you’re in real problem, if that presentation won’t do his way, he’ll definitely nail you. Girl you’re screwed”, the 2nd girl warned
“God please save me! “, The girl closed her eyes and prayed.
I was listening to them from the beginning, finally interrupted in between, being unable to hold my interest in their chat.
“Sorry but what is the topic”, I asked the girl.
“Elephantine case study”, the girl replied instantly without even wasting a nanosecond.
“Hmmm! then I can help you. We are done with this one, if you say I can mail you the PPT. All you have to do is to present”, I asked her wearing a broad smile on my face.
“O really! That’s so nice of you”,the girl was overjoyed as if she has hit the jackpot.
“Bye the way I am Ronit”, I introduced myself so as to know her name too. In fact guys are always good at that.
“Avni…I am Avni from BIMHRD”, she replied.
Avni…..What a nice name!.
” So Avni where do I send the PPT”, I asked
“Hmm…send me at  and please send it by 10:30″, she replied
“Arey its fine, don’t worry”, I replied and we all moved out of the mess.
The SBS Hostel, Girls wing;  11:00 PM
Avni was desperately waiting for the PPT as she hadn’t prepared any. “Uff …Ronit please send me the PPT. Even I am so dumb, didn’t even ask his no. or the college to which he belongs”,  she cursed herself.
At the same time I was trying hard to attach the file to the mail but SBS WLAN was not at all in the mood to support it. After roaming from one cluster to another for better signal strength, finally I managed to win the battle over it and send the PPT with a delay of another 30 minutes.
I was still thinking, how she’ll react to this as I was more then and hour late from the time. But to my surprise I got the reply in just 2 minutes.
“Thanks Ronit! Hope I’ll be able to make out something from it”, it said.
I was really overjoyed with the kind of response. In less then a minute I revert back to her.
“Hey don’t worry, everything will be fine tomorrow. After all I’ve also rectified the errors. Anyways are you on Facebook?”, I replied.
I was waiting for her mail in reply but it never came. Finally I went to sleep at around 1:00 PM.
Next Day; 6:35 PM
Another Hectic day! 4:30 hours of Economics and that too from Proff. G.N Sivakumar, How can one tolerate the amount of Supply Demand Concepts for that long; I said to my classmate Ravi while returning from the college
“Ronit………Ronit……….!!”, Suddenly I stopped when I heard somebody calling me from behind. I turned back and to my surprise.It was Avni.
For the first time I gave a top to bottom look to her. She was looking really beautiful in that black white colored suit. The Kajal that she was wearing in her eyes was making her very cute. “I wish she could be my friend”, My heart said.
In the meanwhile Avni came closer to me and greeted me. It feels awesome when a girl greets you and that too when the girl is so pretty.
“Hi Avni! How was your presentation”, I asked.
“It went on smoothly. At least he didn’t showed us the way to the door”,  Avni replied
“Great! Lets go and do some work ……..but only thanks….Isse kya hoga”, I smiled at her
“Hmm… say then what else you want? “, She gave me puzzled look
“Nothing re! Some other time …but don’t forget….Anyways you know I mailed you last night”, I replied.
“When? ….last night only I replied to you mail . That’s where I got you PPT na.”, She answered.
“No I am not asking about that one, I replied you asking whether you’re on Facebook or not”, I asked.
“Ohh! May be the time you sent that I would have gone to sleep. I was feeling damn sleepy then. It was just for sake of the PPT, I was awake”, Avni replied.
“Oh okay! I thought something else”, I sighed.
“What? What you thought?”,She asked.
“Nothing re forget it”, I replied. It was better to avoid any further questions on that topic.
“Ronit! You’re from BITM, most disciplined amongst the four colleges in SBS”,Avni said. Her tone was like as if she was trying to tease me
“Yup! But how’d you know that”, I was amazed.
“From your Tag itself stupid!”, Avni smiled.
“O ya!……Hmm…Anyways where are you going now?”, I asked her.
“Hmmmm…To ESQUARE”, Avni replied and started laughing.
I gave a sarcastic look to her. I wonder why girls have terrible sense of humor. Its always the guy who brings out some, even if there is no sense of laughing at their jokes.
“Okay okay….Sorry …! Jokes apart. Just going to my room. Do you think we get anytime for fun after college hours. This deadline of 9:30 is the biggest problem”,She said
“Avni…Avni chalna nahi hai kya “, one of her friend who was waiting for her asked.
“Riya ! Wait..I am coming in a minute”, she answered to her friend and revert back to me.
“Ronit! I must have to go..She’s waiting..See you then bye”, She said.
“Okay Avni….Bye and don’t forget to check your Facebook Account today then”, I replied.
“Umm…Okay..I’ll do that”, She answered and moved towards the girls wing of the SBS hostel.
I stood there till she entered the hostel. There was tremendous amount of charm in her presence. “Is it the First stage of Love…or Infatuation”, I asked myself …….Only God knows ………….
SBS Hostel,Boys Wing,9:30 Pm
I came back to my room at around 9:30 after having my dinner and the first thing I did was turning on my laptop. I logged into my FB account and typed the keywords Avni, BIMHRD, 4 results appeared for it.
“Avni Raj …Avni Sarkar….Avni Jain…yes Avni Jain! She’s from Kolkata”, I said to myself as soon as I identified her profile through the Display picture.
Should I send the request? ; I was still in dilemma whether I should send the request or not. Finally I did what my heart said .Its better to listen to your heart sometimes so I sent the request to her.
To my surprise, instantly I got a notification saying your request has been accepted.
“Bingo!”, I said to myself. A broad smile came on my face. Without being wasting a single minute I opened the chat box and wrote an IM to her.
Her reply came within seconds. The chat continued for more then 2 hours. I didn’t know how she felt for me, but one thing I was sure of that she definitely enjoyed the chat we had.
“Hey it’s almost 12:00, I think we should sleep now”, Avni said.
“Are you feeling sleepy?”, I asked. That was kind of emotional blackmail.
“Not really, but what to do with this SBS schedule”, She replied.
“Yup…re…sometimes I think why I am here, there’s no social life here”, I said.
“Anyways Can I get your cell number”, I added.
“Hmm……its +91-9876543210. What about yours?”,Avni answered.
“Check your phone”,I replied as soon I sent a SMS on her number instantly.
“Yup! Got it….. Chal I am leaving then… Good night …bye Ronit”, Avni said
“Okay Avni, bye take care ….Good Night”; I replied.
The very next moment she logged out.
For next one hour I was thinking about her only. There was something….some kind of bonding building between me and her. I guess I was started with admiring her. That was the best night at SBS till date.
Next morning
Beep Beep……My mobile phone ranged. I took out my hand from the blanket and checked my phone.
Good Morning! Have a nice day J ; It was Avni ‘s sms
A broad smile came on my face. Mornings at Pune were never like this before. I was able to feel some kind of romanticism that was flowing in the air of SBS hostel.
“Good Morning AvniJ , whatzz upp?? What are your plans for today?”, I replied
Within a minute or two, I got the reply; “Nothing re…no plans yet! Boring classes from 9 to 6:30, feeling so tired”, she texted
Hmmm….She is free, Should I ask her for a coffee? What if she denies; I asked myself. Anyways after thinking for 2 more minutes I made up my mind and finally asked despite of these questions that were arising in my mind.
“Lets go for a coffee then!”, I asked.
The next two minutes were the longest 2 minutes of my life. My heartbeat came to normal when I got the reply.
“Okay ….! But when?”, She asked.
“Evening at 7:00 , Chinchwad, What’s say” ; I replied.
“Fine, I’ll be ready…Pick me up” ; She replied.
Yipeee!!!!!…..I jumped out of my bed in excitement and hugged my roommate. Everything seemed like a dream. It was the first time I asked a girl for the coffee. Both of my roommates got confused while they saw me dancing in the whole room.
Finally after thinking for 15 more minutes, I settled down and that too when my roommates scolded me.
The day at college was like the longest day of my life. I was cursing every second that was passing on. It was a really long awaited evening in my life.
Hostel Gate,7:00 PM
I came down to the hostel main gate and called her up.
“Hey Avni! Where are you?”, I asked.
“Give me just 2 minutes. I’ll be there”,she replied.
“Okay Fine..I am waiting at the gate then”; I said and disconnected the line.
After waiting for around 10 more minutes, finally she came down to the hostel main gate.
Damn! She was looking like an diva in that black colored Top and Blue Jeans. Careless curls coming on her face were adding more beauty to her face.
“Hi Ronit!” ; She greeted.
“Umm….Haan…Hello Avni”, I woke up from the day dream.
“You’re looking gorgeous today”, I added.
“Thanks Ronit, Can we move now, otherwise we won’t be able to come back before 9:30″, She replied. I was able to see her redden face.
“Hmm…Sure”, I replied as I moved to the parking area of the hostel.
In less then 40 minutes, we were in the CCD. Everything was like a dream coming true.
CCD was not so much crowded as it used to be. Except for us there were hardly 8-10 peoples. We managed to find a corner table and sat there.
“So Avni! What you would like to have”, I asked while she made her comfortable.
“Hmmm! A cappuccino will be fine”, she replied with a cute smile on her face.
Smile…….I wish I could see her smiling all day long. It was a real treat.
I ordered two cappuccinos and kept on staring her. By the time they could have served the order I thought of talking to her. But for the first time in my life I was feeling very nervous about how to start.
The moment, I was about to say anything, Avni suddenly spoke up.
“Ronit! Where are you from”, Avni asked.
“Hmmm that’s a million $ question”, I giggled.
Avni remained silent; I guess that was not the right time to crack a joke.
“Okay okay…Jokes apart, I am from Jaipur”, I answered
“Oh! Pink City…Cool.. I’ve never been there, I wish I could”, Avni Smiled,
“Sure! I can take you there if u allow”,I replied.
We then engrossed in talking about ourselves and our lifestyles. It was a really fantastic time with her. Everything was seeming like a fairy-tale. She was very sensitive and softhearted. The more I came across her, my attraction towards her was increasing.
“Ronit! I think we should leave now, its getting late”, she said.
‘Ohhh ya! Let’s move then”, I answered
By the time we reached hostel. It was almost 9:15 PM. I stopped the bike near hostel gate for her to get down. I parked the bike in the stand and came near her.
“Ronit! You’re a very sweet and caring guy”, Before I could have said anything she came closer to me and whispered in my ears.
I was not at all expecting this compliment from her. I just looked into her eyes.
Both of us were speechless. Neither I was in mood to say anything, nor she was, only our eyes were speaking, but that 9:30 restriction was the biggest problem that made us to depart unwonted.
“Bye Ronit”, She said softly and moved slowly towards her hostel wing.
“Bye Avni!”, My heart said. I stood there for the time still she reached near staircases. It was more like a movie scene that reminded me of DDLJ as in such Kajol and Shahrukh were departing from one another and music being played at the background. I came back to my room with heavy legs and mind being lost in her thoughts.
Boys Hostel – SBS, 10:30 PM
I was still thinking about her, even though I had an assignment on Marketing Management to submit tomorrow. Something unusual was happening to me, something magical that was impossible to be framed in words. Is this love…..?? I questioned myself
I don’t know what made me , but being unable to control my emotions , suddenly I picked up my phone and dialed her number. She didn’t turn up for the first time. So again I called her again but there was no response from her for the 2nd time too.
I was really disappointed as well as confused about why she was not picking up the call. One of the biggest irony is life is that what you really want to do ends up in a failure when you’re in a situation like this.
For instance I was very much disappointed. My heart was not at all ready for this and was still trying to figure out the possibilities and suddenly my phone rang up.
It was Avni’s call, my heart pounded joy. I picked the call.
“Hello Avni”, I said.
“Hi Ronit! Sorry I was in the washroom so didn’t pick the call”,she said. There was immense amount of warmth in her voice. I just loved it.
“Hmm…!! It’s okay. Its just I was thinking about you, so called up”, I said.
” So sweet of you ….Even I forgot to thank you for such a wonderful evening”, Avni said.
“No need to say thanks Avni! I wish I could have been able to spend whole evening with you holding your hand,” I said. I don’t know what made me to say this but that’s all what my heart wanted to say.
She didn’t spoke up for a while. I guess what I said was indecent and beyond my limit. But after a keeping silent for a few minutes she just spoke up.
“Ronit! Do you know, you’re the first guy whom with I have went for a coffee. I don’t know what had made me to accept your invitation. I certainly don’t know why I accepted your invitation when my mind was still saying no”, Avni said.
I was really speechless. I was not in a situation to say anything. This was something which a boy wants to hear from a girl at least once in his life.
“Avni ! I don’t know what to say. All I can say that I’ve started liking you”, I said. My full body was literally shivering when I said this.
“Ronit! Even I’ve started liking you. I like your decency, your warm nature and your sense of humor”, Avni replied.
One thing that was very special about her that she was always smiling and lively. We talked for almost half an hour and that too I realized when the line got disconnected in the middle of the chat. Without being wasting a second I called her back,
“Avni! What happened?”, I asked.
“Nothing re! Actually my cluster mates were shouting so guard came and I had to disconnect the line. Anyways don’t you miss your Family?”, She asked.
“Of course! I miss my mom, she is the best part of my life”, I replied.
“Hmm….Just like my dad is my life… I love my dad”, she said.
“Yup Family is something which is the true essence of our personality and life”, I said.
“Avni! Can we meet tomorrow?”, I asked her before she could have said anything
“Ummm….Ohh……let me think”, Avni got surprised with this abrupt question of mine.
“Ohh…Okay Take your own time”, I was a bit disappointed with her answer.
“Ronit! I think we should sleep now, its too late. Good Night, Take care and have sweet dreams”, she replied.
“Good Night Avni! You too take care, bye”, I replied and disconnected the line. I don’t know why? But my heart was not at all expecting this…So in order to relax I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.
Beep Beep… my cell phone buzzed.
It was a sms, so I just ignored that for a while. After a few minutes I picked my phone and checked thinking it might be something important.
“Ronit! See you in the evening”, it was Avni’s sms. I was extremely delighted after watching this. It gave me a soothing feel. I closed my eyes and started thinking about the time when I’ll meet her again.
Second Part
Next Day ,6:40 PM
I was really very much excited about meeting her, though we did met sometimes but the excitement was the same as it was in the first meeting, or may be much more this time. The whole day went on like a year passing on. Finally after waiting for the whole day the time came. I came out of the BITM building and stood before “NAVRANG”, the general store situated in our campus
My eyes were searching for her only. After waiting for 5 more minutes, I saw her coming with her friends. I don’t know why but automatically a smile came on my face.
“Hi Ronit”, she came closer to me and said.
“Hi Avni, how are you?”, I replied.
“I am fine re….So what’s the plan”, she said wearing a smile on her face.
“Hmm…let’s go out then……”, I said.
“Hmm! Okay but give me just 15 minutes ,will see you in 15 minutes okay”, She asked.
“Okay Avni….”, I said and we both moved towards the hostel gate. She was smiling all the time. I wish I could capture that smile in my eyes forever. We departed at the hostel gate and I rushed towards my room to freshen up. In less then 15 minutes I changed myself and came downstairs as I didn’t wanted to be late.
“Still 2 minutes left to go for 15 minutes”, I said to myself. After waiting for 5 more minutes she came down.
Every time I saw her, she seemed to be more beautiful, cuter…innocent and most importantly stunning.
“Let’s go”, Avni said, while I was still busy in staring her face.
“Ummm.. Yupp”, I replied and we moved out of the campus on my bike. I was able to feel the warmth of her hands on my shoulders.
In less then 15 minutes we were at the Mezza9, a restaurant little far from College campus. We managed to find a corner table under the open sky. Mezza9 is always a beautiful place to spend evenings but the stars twinkling in the sky and the gentle breeze that was blowing through out the place was making it absolute romantic. I could see her beautiful face glowing like a moon in that dim light coming from the candle placed on the table.
“Avni! Why are you so silent, is anything wrong?”, I asked.
“Who? …me …..Na re…I am absolutely fine, it’s just that I am not finding anything to say,” she said while adjusting her hairs behind the ears. “You know I am very much talkative, always have to say something…But”, she added before I could have said anything.
“But What?”, I asked.
“Nothing…leave it, you’ll laugh”, She tried to ignore.
“Ohh….Come on re!”, I insisted.
“Okay….i’ll tell but only if you’ll not laugh”, she said. I could see the innocence in her eyes
“Arey……..I won’t ….”, I Assured her.
“Ronit…..Ronit…Whenever you come in front of me I get speechless…I don’t find myself in a condition to say anything”, she said in a single breath.
“Do I resemble to a ghost or what”, I giggled.
“Ronit!.. It’s nothing like that….leave it you will not understand”, she raised her eyebrows.
In the meanwhile the waiter came and served us water.
“Can I take your order Sir!”, The waiter then interrupted in between
“Certainly …..”, I said
“Avni…..your choice”, I said as I passed the menu card towards her.
“Hmm….. One pasta and two cold coffees”, She ordered after skimming through the menu card for more then 5 minutes.
Waiter left after confirming the order. She was looking fabulous today especially the Kajal that she was wearing in her eyes was adding charm to her face. I could see her blushing and avoiding eye contact with me as I was continuously staring her.
“Your Order sir!”, the waiter again interrupted.
“Ohh……haan”, I said abruptly. Suddenly I stopped staring her. A mischievous smile appeared on Avni’s face. I guess she was noticing what I was doing.
Waiter then served the food and stood aside. “Is there anything else I can do for you Sir”, The waiter asked?
“Nothing …its okay, I’ll call you if I need anything”, I said and cursed the waiter to why he came at the wrong time. He could have come a bit later too.
“So where were we?”,I asked Avni.
“No where buddhu! Lets have this pasta first, we can talk also while having this”, she said and served some pasta on my plate. I loved it when she called me “buddhu” . Girls have a peculiar habit of using these words, and these words never mean what they actually mean to be.
Listening to her, I picked the fork and had some of the pasta but my heart was still cursing the waiter to why he came at the time when he was desperately not needed.
Though we again started the chat but this time the topic was totally different.
“So Avni! ..What do u like to do at times, when u really want to enjoy…”, I asked.
“Hmm…..I love to play with kids……..Love to eat jalebis, candy floss and Barf ka Gola”, She said. “One more thing……Rain…..I just love walking in the rain….when the droplets of water fall on my face….it just gives me a feeling of rejuvenation”,she added.
I was quietly looking at her. Her voice modulation, her face, her eyes, her presence, everything was magical. I wish I could have proposed her right now itself. But I guess this was not the correct time for that, moreover if I do that, whether she’ll accept it or not that was a big question.
“Ronit! Where are you lost?”, She asked,
“No where …just thinking something….”,I replied.
“Ohh! Then better concentrate on Pasta na”, She Smiled.
I was able to see the smile on her face that gave me a hint that she was already aware of the fact that I was staring at her.
We finished our pasta in next 10 minutes and came out of Mezza9. It was around 8:40. It took me 15-20 minutes to reach hostel. She was silent all the way round to hostel. I parked my bike in the parking area and entered the hostel main gate along with her.
“Avni….I wanted to tell you something”, I said her in very soft voice.
“Haan….bol na!”, She said while looking into my eyes.
“Can we go for a walk around the campus, there are still 30 minutes to go”, I asked.
“Is this you wanted to tell”, she giggled.
“Probably not, let’s walk and talk i mean”, I replied.
“Oh..Okay! By the way have I told you that I am going to Mumbai tomorrow”, she said.
“Na…you didn’t.. But why are you going there?”, I asked.
“Arey my maternal uncle lives there, they are asking me to come to Mumbai for a day or two since I’ve taken admission here”, she replied.
“Ohh…Okay…so enjoy there..But you’ll lose your attendance”, I asked.
“Yup but what to say…Mamaji is forcing me to come there from last 4 months, even Mumma has told me to visit them”, She answered
“When are you leaving for Mumbai then”,I asked while walking with her.
“Tomorrow evening at 8 PM, Bus is from WAKAD itself”, she replied.
“Ohh…Okay”, I said. I was not feeling good about this as I won’t be able to see her for a couple of days then.
We had a general talk then during the walk all around the college campus. Her voice, her presence, her nature…..she was girl I always dreamt of. Though we were not a couple but her company itself gave me a soothing feel. I really enjoyed being with her.
By the time we reached hostel main gate, it was almost 9:20. We entered the hostel and sat near the swimming pool area. None of us were speaking anything verbally, may be our eyes were speaking thousand of unspoken words. I wanted to say that I’ll be missing her, but I remain silent as she might take it in any wrong sense.
Before we could have spoken anything, the guard blew the whistle.
She looked again into my eyes and said Bye!
“Bye Avni!”, I replied. I could sense that even she also was not willing to go but sometimes these SBS rules are meant to be followed. Finally we moved towards our respective wings.
SBS Hostel-Boys Wing, 11:00 PM
There wasn’t any sort of sleep in my eyes. I was just thinking about how to approach her, that I have started loving her. I was totally blank about what to do and how to approach her. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Avni calling me. I picked the call.
“Hi Avni!”, I said.
“Hi Ronit, what are you doing”, she asked.
“Nothing just thinking about the evening, about you”, I replied.
“About me ….What?”, She got confused.
“Tomorrow you’re going to Mumbai…I won’t be able to see you for quite sometime”, I replied in a very low voices.
“Hmmm…even me too. Anyways…. I’ve called you to ask whether you could come up to drop me at WAKAD”, she asked. Though she was not in front of me but I was still able to read the excitement in her voice. She too wanted to meet me before leaving for Mumbai, Moreover it was kind of golden opportunity for me.
“Oh sure ..why not”, I readily agreed.
“Okay Ronit..then see you tomorrow, actually I have to pack my luggage too”, she said.
“Fine ….see you then…take care. Bye”, I replied.
Though it seemed to be a golden chance for me to tell her what I feel for her. But I was really not sure what to do next. I was in kind of dilemma. Should I propose her? Will she accept? What if she rejects the proposal, I’ll be really shattered into pieces, there sort of questions were striking in my mind again and again. My heart filled up with uneasiness.
Finally, after thinking for a long time I made up my mind to write a letter to her confessing my feelings for her. I knew this was one of the worst ideas that came into my mind but Love is something that makes you obsessed to do anything, even it is a total stupidity.
It took me more then 2 and half hours to write a one page letter, that too after wasting a whole scribbling pad. Gosh! This was like winning a battle; I said to myself and went on to sleep as it was almost 1:20
In the lectures,10:50 AM
I was totally unable to concentrate on the lecture that was going on. I was still thinking about Avni, her face, her cute smile, her eyes. Suddenly I heard somebody calling my name.
“Ronit…Ronit!”, It was Dr. S.P Sharma asking me something.
“Yes….uh…..Yes sir!”, I suddenly woke up from the day dream.
Tell me something about Personal selling; He asked.
“Umm…haan… ‘Personal selling’..ummmhmmm”, that all what came out of my mouth. I was not ready for this abrupt question as I was not paying attention to what he was teaching us.
“Ok…I understood…sit down and pay attention here”, he said.
“Woosh! Beta Ronit, that was a close escape”, I said to myself.
“Avni you are everywhere in my mind. I have to tell you about my feeling for you or else I will not be able to concentrate anywhere”,I thought
Whole of the day I was just thinking about her. Though I was physically present in the class but my mind was engrossed in her thoughts. It was like she was driving my mind. Now when I had wrote a letter the biggest question that came in my mind was that how to give it to her?
A guy always try to posses his personality to be very tough, strong, rigid and fearless but when it comes to a girl ,to propose her, its just the opposite, he is always shy , fearful and to some extent like a child who is always afraid to show his report card to his father.
Seriously I had no courage to give that letter at my own. After ticking my mind for few minutes finally I came up with an idea to give that letter to her. I was just waiting for the session to get over. Finally at 6:30PM, the classes got over and I moved towards my room rapidly with a plan going in my mind.
Hostel Room,7:00PM
I reached my room at 6:45, freshened up and changed my clothes as quickly as I can. I pulled out the letter from the drawer of my study table where I kept it last night and slid it into the left pocket of my jeans. I came downstairs and took a deep breathe in order to generate some confidence in my heart.
Evenings in Pune are always pleasant, but this one obviously was different, was the effect of unexpected drizzle that made the environment so beautiful or the excitement that I had in my heart about expressing my feelings to her, whatever may be the reason ,it seemed that even the gods has conspired for the moment.
I started my bike and drove it towards Dange Chowk and purchased a bunch of roses and some chocolates from there. While moving back to the college an idea struck in my mind, immediately I took a U turn and stopped near a sweet shop that was famous for its jalebis. I guess she would definitely like that as these were her favourites.
By the time I reached hostel it was almost 7:40.I was totally drenched into rain water. Suddenly I remember that, I had to drop Avni at bus station. I tried to call her but it was coming busy. The moment I disconnected the line I got a call from Avni, I guess she was trying my number only, I picked it up.
“Hey Ronit! Where are you? I am already at Wakad”, she said.
“Ohh……I am sorry! Wait I am coming in just 2 minutes”, I said and disconnected the line. Again I started my bike and reached there.
To my surprise she was not there, I was hugely disappointed. My heart questioned myself whether she had already left for Mumbai. I checked my watch, there were still 5 minutes left to 8 PM. So I thought to call her up, but my tension grew stronger when she didn’t pick it up. I was feeling too much confused and helpless.
After 2 minutes I heard somebody calling my name…Ronit …Ronit….I turned back and to my surprise, it was Avni calling my name. I almost ran towards her.
“Hey Avni! Where were you? I thought that u might have left”, I asked her in one breath.
“Na re…Bus hadn’t arrived yet. It will take another 15 minutes to come. But what is this, you’re totally drenched in rain water. You might catch cold”, she said. There was immense care in her voice.
“Its okay yaar…I wanted to meet you before you leave for Mumbai as I won’t be able to see you for a couple of days”, I said.
“Awww…so sweet of you …Ronit you’re such a nice friend”, she replied.
“Friend only Friend????”, I asked myself as I tried to hide the flowers and chocolates from her.
“Hey ! What are you hiding from me”, she asked.
“Umm….Nothing …I just got something for you”, I said as I handed the roses to her.
“Awwww…My God……Roses……Lovely…I just loved it”, she said and hugged me. It felt as if I am on the 7th heaven, was like a dream coming true. I wish time could have stopped there. Everything was like a dream…a bit of drizzle…cold breeze blowing through and the best thing that she was in my arms hugging me. I was able to see some kind of glow in her eyes after the hug.
“Avni…though I know you from a very little time….but still you’ve become very special to me. Now as you’re going to Mumbai for two long days and I will not be able to see you for a couple of days. I’ll miss you very much”, I whispered in her ears.
“I’ll miss you too Ronit….Time spent with you was the best time I had in SBS, I’ve never came across a guy like you”, she replied in a very low voice.
She wanted to say something more then that, but before she could have said anything else, her bus arrived.
“Ronit …My bus…….”, Avni Said.
“Ohh…ya..where’s your luggage?”, I asked.
“ Neeta Volvo’s Office”, she said. I quickly picked her luggage from there and kept in inside the luggage cabin of the bus and came back to her.
“Avni..I have brought something more for you”, I said.
“Something more…….what’s that?”, she was a bit surprised.
“Hmmm….You get into the bus, till I bring it from my bike”, I said.
“Fine… you say”, Avni said and moved towards the door of the bus.
I reached to my bike and quickly pulled out the packet from the handle of my bike. I thought it might be better to stick the letter on to the packet then to give it by hand, so I pulled out the letter from the left pocket of my jeans.
“Damn! Its all wet…anyways I have no other choice then to put this up in the packet”; I said to myself.
The moment I slid that letter into the packet, the bus suddenly started.
“Ronit…..Come fast”, Avni shouted from the window.
I just ran quickly towards the bus and somehow managed to hand over the packet to her through the window.
“Bye Ronit….”, she waved her hands towards me.
“Bye Avni..I’ll miss you”, I almost shouted
I stood there for a while, everything was different now. There was no other choice for me other then to keep my fingers crossed and to expect for everything positive to happen
I reached my hostel at around 9 PM. I was in no mood to have my dinner so just changed myself into shorts and t-shirt and went to the bed.
Everything that happened in the evening was ticking in my mind. I was too much confused about the possibilities that, what can be her response even in the worst scenario when my cellphone suddenly rang up.
“Hey …thanks for the jalebis, It was one of the best gift that I’d ever had..thanks a lot sweetie..”, It was Avni’s SMS.
‘Sweetie’……; I was on cloud 9 as if she has accepted my proposal. But I don’t knw whether she’d read my letter or not.
“No need to say thanks re… least you enjoyed, that’s more important J , hey where you’ve reached up till now”, I replied as I had no courage to ask her about the letter.
“Reached ‘Panvel’…will be at home in some more time…So Had your dinner?”, She asked.
“Na re……was not feeling like having anything…what about you?….Kuch Khaya ya nahi?”, I replied.
“Hmm…..Thats not good…You must had taken your dinner L , I will not talk to you”, She texted.
It always feels good when somebody cares for you, cares about your lunch and dinner, on the other hand it gave me a positive sign about the decision of telling my feelings about her.
“Avni…..:) puhleezzz L ; Talk to me na you’ll be busy from tommorrow afterall..pls pls pls”, I replied
“Okay okay….Fine ….but only on one condition”, She replied.
“Accepted”, I answered
“What ??? I didn’t even have mentioned the condition and you are accepting it.”she said.
“Hm..It doesn’t matters as long as you’re with me., afterall the condition will always be in my favour”, I replied
“Hmmmm…That’s really flattering: P anyways I just wanted that you will not skip your meals from today onwards”, she texted.
“Oops! ……that’s a big deal …Anyways as I’ve accepted, I’ll definitely keep this in my mind”, I replied.
“Ronit….I am about to reach…I’ll talk to you in an hour”, She said.
“Hmmm…okay dear…I’ll wait for it”, I replied.
My mind was still trying to figure out the way I should ask her about the letter. Moreover I had one more hour to wait for her response about the letter, So I just switched on my laptop and logged into my Facebook A/c.
Every minute passing on was increasing the intensity of my curiosity to know her response about the letter, In this one hour of time, I believe I did analyzed the whole lot of possibilities with all the mathematical tools but ended nowhere.
After waiting for 1 hour 16 minutes and 53 seconds finally I surrendered myself to the bed, as it was getting impossible for me to keep my eyes wide open.
Next morning,7:30 AM
Beep Beep…I reached to my cellphone to tap the snooze button of the alarm but when I saw 3 SMS from Avni suddenly I jumped out of my bed. All 3 were about asking me whether I was awake or not. I quickly checked the time on which they were sent. To my surprise all were received by me just 5 minutes after I went to sleep. I cursed my luck and replied to her wishing a very good morning.
I waited for her to respond in very next 5-10 minutes but she didn’t responded. I guess she might be enjoying her tension free sleep after all today she had a right to sleep for long hours. I thought it is better to get ready as it was almost 7:50 and I hate to be late at college.
In the lectures, 9:30 Am
I was not able to concentrate on the lectures. I pulled out my cell phone from the pocket and texted her again. I knew bringing mobile phone to the class room is violation of rules led by the institute but I was so desperate to talk to her that I brought my phone without being caring that this serious offense might lead me to a suspension from the class for at least a week.
Suddenly my phone vibrated, it was a SMS from Avni.
“Hey ! Where were you last night, I wanted to talk to you last night”, it said.
“Sorry ..I went to sleep when you didn’t replied even after 1 hourL “, I replied. I guess she wanted to talk to me about the letter.
Ohh…okay …actually It took me more then an hour as everybody wanted to talk to me for quite some time. Anyways how are you and how come you brought your phone in the lectures she texted in reply.
“Hmmm…It’s fine and phone …I brought it just to talk to you. Actually I was missing you a lot, I wish I could talk to you over the phone right now L”, I replied.
“Awwww…..I am missing you too….but I had to talk to you about something of which I am really confused of”,She texted.
“About what??”, I replied. My heart pounded in excitement, maybe she wanted to talk about the letter.
“Nothing …Forget it, I think it’s not the right time to talk about this”, she replied.
“Arey….Tell na…every time is a right time if you are talking to the right person”, I insisted her.
“Ohh…okay…..Actually I wanted to ask you from when our exams going to start”,She asked.
“Damned….is this she wanted to ask, I guess she was trying to hide the main matter”,I thought.
“Hey Avni! Are you sure….you wanted to ask this only”; I asked.
“Umm…..No…..Not exactly……Ronit…actually I wanted to ask, yesterday you gave me the packet….it contained something……..a note….or say letter….but am not sure whether it was by you or somebody has tried to play prank on me as it doesn’t carry any name of the sender”, She replied.
“Oops! I forgot to mention my name in it, what a stupid I am”, I said to myself.
“Avni…….Nobody is playing prank on you…It’s me who have wrote the letter, I wanted to give it to you at my own but I didn’t knew how you’ll react so I just wrote everything what I feel for you and put it in the packet”, I replied.
Somehow I gathered some courage and told everything what I had in my heart for her. The next 15 minutes were like hell for me, I was eagerly waiting for her to respond but there was no reply from her side. I was feeling very tensed about the reply, what will happen if she will say a no….My heart was not at all ready to accept this.
“Avni….. I wrote what I had in my heart. I had to tell you about this. Please say something”, I texted her again.
“Ronit…! I don’t know how to react, I am speechless right now. I was really not into this…I really need to think about this.”,She replied
It was a very indifferent situation for me, even I didn’t knew how to control my feelings & emotions. I was trying to keep my head cool and calm but it was really hard to think of.
“Avni….I know it is hard for you take any decision. If you really want to think on it, think on you decision, I am ready to wait…..I wish I could talk to you right now”, I replied.
“Ronit! I know you might be anxious to know my reply, but I really need some time to think on it. Now I won’t be talking to you for till I reach there. Hope you’ll understand what I am trying to say”, She replied.
My heart was beating harder and harder, I was in a dilemma what to do. I had no words to say as too some extent she was right, of course she needed some time to think about this, but 2 whole days without been talking to each other was something that was really distressing. I was feeling helpless and was unable to control my feelings.
“I know you need some time….and I really appreciate your feelings and thinking from the core of my heart. Okay I’ll wait but whatever may be your decision, we are and we will remain friends forever”, some how I managed to keep myself calm and replied her.
I was feeling hard to attend any more lectures, so I left abruptly from the class after the 2nd lecture. I was not feeling good at all. It was the toughest time of my life. I came back to my room and went to bed. Lying on the bed I was trying to think something else, I didn’t even realized when I went into deep sleep.
I woke up at 7 in the evening. My head was paining like hell. so I came downstairs to have a cup of coffee in the cafeteria. I finished my coffee and came back to my room. I didn’t even had my dinner
“What happened to you Ronit, Is there anything wrong?”, my room mate asked.
“No…everything is just fine”, I answered. I had no other choice left than to tell him a lie. To change my mood I logged into my facebook account and even closed that in just 15 minutes. I tried almost everything from Games to music , so as to divert my mind from that but all my efforts ended into a failure.
Her face was coming into my mind all the time. Finally I went to sleep at 2 am in the night.
Next morning, 7:30 AM
I was in no mood to go to college but just because of some presentation I had to go to the college. It was like a punishment for me. The whole day at class went on like a year. I was like counting every single minute that was passing on.
It was like hell. I was totally out of my senses. I don’t know what to do next finally somehow managed to attend the classes till lunch and came back to my room.
I was just waiting and waiting and waiting …that she will reply.
Hostel room, 7:00 PM
It was raining heavily since the morning. Though the weather was so beautiful but it was of no sense without her. I was feeling very gloomy and lonely so I didn’t attended the post lunch session even today also. I was finding myself hard to think anything else about her. Lying on my bed I was thinking about the day when we first met in the college mess and the time that we spent together. I was just waiting for the time when she’ll reply to my proposal.
Suddenly my phone rang. I jumped out of my bed after seeing the name that appeared on my phone. It was Avni’s call. I quickly picked it up without being wasting a second.
“Hi Avni! How are you…? I was just waiting for your call”, I said in a single breath, I was so excited to talk to her.
“Easy….easy Ronit…..I am fine …anyways where are you right now”, she asked.
“I am in my room only….have you came back from Mumbai”, I asked. She could have easily understood the excitement in my voice. My voice was literally shivering.
“Yes! Reached 15 minutes ago, now if you don’t mind please come down from your palace to the temple garden”, she tried to tease me.
“Give me just 2 minutes, I am coming”, I said in a hurry and started changing my clothes holding phone in one hand.
“Hahaha…..okay ……see you then”, she said and disconnected the line.
It was raining a bit but today I had no time to take the umbrella too.
In less than 5 minutes I was standing before her. She was looking awesome today in that sky blue colored suit. For next two minutes, none of us spoke. I was busy in looking her face……her smile…..her eyes..I was able to seen some kind of distinguished charm on her face.
“Hi Avni”, I said.
“Ronit… wanted the answer”, She asked.
Of course…..I had waited for it for two long days…and I must say those 2 days were the longest days of my whole life
“Close your eyes than” She asked wearing a smile on her face.
She told me to close my eyes in order to know the answer. I didn’t know what to do but it was also true that I had no other choice left other then to obey her. I closed my eyes and stood silent waiting to get my answer in reply. Finally she came closer to me. I could feel her breathing heavily. Both of us were drenched in that rain water and literally shivering when the cold breeze touched our body. The very next moment she did something which was totally beyond my expectations. She put her lips on mine. She kissed me as if she has not only touched my lips but also my soul. It was a feeling impossible for me to frame in words.
“Did you get your answer”, she winked at me.
“Nopes……”, I said bringing immense innocence on my face as I tried to tease her.
“Ronit… idiot…..”, She said and turned back .
I guess this was not the right time to show some humor instead it was the time to show some romanticism and love.
I held her in my arms from the back, gave a gentle kiss on her shoulders and whispered in her ears “I love you jaana…..I love you very very much”…………
Rest is just a dream…to be lived…………..
She kissed me as if she has not only touched my lips but also my soul. It was a feeling impossible for me to frame in words.
Did you get your answer; she winked at me
Nopes…… ; I said bringing immense innocence on my face as I tried to tease her.
Ronit… idiot…..; She said and turned back .
I guess this was not the right time to show some humor instead it was the time to show some romanticism and love.
I held her in my arms from the back, gave a gentle kiss on her shoulders and whispered in her ears “I love you jaana…..I love you very very much”…………
Rest is just a dream…to be lived…………………
*Ronit and Avni now check out the recess timings even before checking the lectures in the Daily College Schedule
*Whenever there is any party in the campus, they could be easily spotted out in some corners in each other’s arms.
*Both of them were always in search of lonely place, where they can spend time as this SBS Schedule hardly gave them anytime to be alone far from the hustle and bustle of the class
*It virtually became impossible to see them alone before 9:30PM, even during the exams.
*No Extra classes, No participation in cultural events, no seminars or attending sessions in the Auditorium. 
I do have spotted out the above aspects of this relation. I don’t know whether these are positive or negative, it’s on your perceptions how you take this up

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