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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gifted

Blaze Cozz shoved her hand into her worn denim pocket and fished for a few dollar bills for lunch. The lunch lady sat and had her arms crossed over her plump stomach. Her grungy apron was frayed at the edges and her greasy hair was pinned up in a hair net. A scowl twisted her pudgy face and the folds of her tiny, beady eyes scrunched. Blaze finally handed her two dollar bills which was snatched by chubby fingers. Blaze pursed her lips and without a word found a seat at an empty table in the buzzing cafeteria.
Her long scarlet hair swished at her hips as she glanced around for a spot. She had died it two days before attending so the red shade glimmered in the light. There was no chance that she was going to ask to sit at a table. Since her parents had died she had been in and out Foster Homes and had been to at least 10 different school for the past two years. It usually never worked out. And as she guessed this time it wouldn’t work out either.
The circumstance for her new home however was odd. Apparently there was a glitch in the system and she in fact did have an aunt. It was on her mother’s side. Suspiciously enough, her mother had lied and said she was an only child she never mentioned an Aunt Tara.
Aunt Tara was nice. Usually Blaze was taken in so that her “Foster” parents could get money for taking care of her. Aunt Tara was single and worked at a real estate. She seemed pleased to have her in her home and gave her a nice bed room. It was a mahogany bedroom set with neon blue floral sheets and bed spread. There was even a window seat with hot pink pillows and navy blue curtains that billowed in the wind when breezes from the beach sighed at the main land. At the desk that was neatly laid out to the side of the bed was a lap top she had graciously supplied to her. The best was the water color painting of the Maine coast nearby. In the lunch room, Blaze noticed someone’s gaze on her. A boy. His hair curled  at the ends making the mass of chestnut curls on his head cluster around his porcelain face. His eyes were the brightest blue they looked as clear as the ocean. Blaze’s face pinked with a blush she immediately turned away. He probably thought I was plain looking, she thought, embarrassed she had turned to look at him.

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